Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's Up Chuck

Hi kids

I am sitting at the dinner table (and yea..totally blogging I'm so social I know) and had my computer handy so I opened it to check some Facebook things and thought "mmh..I feel like leaving some love on my blog". I'm having the best time with all this girl time..waking up for German breakfast with Katie and my mom..laughing every 5 minutes whether we're in the car, drinking coffee..or sitting (like now) with fresh yummy Chic Fil A around the dinner table with Katie and my sister inchen. (they're ingulfed in family drama stories which I've already heard so it's the perfect 10 minutes to peak my head out ;) )

It's funny how when you "have a few days off" or don't have a strict work schedule you completely forget what day it is..what's really happening in the world and well, become kinda selfish. But fortunately my ego is so busy with itself at the moment that it's not really registering. I'm loving enjoying the day without worrying about having to work later or enjoying my day too much before I forget what's goin on at work..etc. And I don't think that's a crime :) 

Getting in the habit however of sticking to our daily to-do's we outlined for the next 8 days is kinda hard and it's taken us the past 24 hours to figure out that we do have things to get done these next few days. Today was much better than yesterday however. We had a yummy German..brunch this morning :P and my friend Jenna came over and did a fantastic job coloring and lowlighting my hair. It's going to look so shiny and pretty for the wedding! Mid morning Inchen had to come home from work because her head was hurting her again :( we got her her meds and she had to lay down for the rest of the day. Hopefully, she can feel better throughout the weekend and make it to her doctor's appointment Monday (remind me to fill you in a little about my sister's stupid brain condition). 

After brunch we decided to kidnap Jenna and bring her along for the ride..going to Sephora to exchange some wedding make up and picking up my dress from the final fitting. Remember that part I said about not being really good at sticking to what we have to get done? Ya..we "accidentally" parked in front of Francesca's .. so we could not pop our heads in. 10 minutes in my mom has a hand full of clothes, Jenna her hands full of jewelry and Katie "ooooing" and "aaaing" corky neat things that fill that store. (Can I please add that I was a very good girl and didn't pick anything out!) ((well of course I WANTED TO! but I was a good girl))

We ended up spending too much time poking around in there..having to leave the items the girls wanted to buy on hold..rushing to my fitting..spilling tears over the dress a little even though we couldn't take it yet because they didn't press it or fix the whole in the back - not sure but that miiiight be kinda important.. :) but not biggie..we'll go back Monday..and headed BACK to the mall to finish our business in Francesca's and exchange the little-too-pick lip stain for something better :) 

Now my mom Katie and Inchen are gathered at my friend Amy's..watching Bella and are going to have a make up/hair do trial! :) 

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  1. when you talk Francesca's, are you talking Collections? if so, we are totes soulmates. I could spend every dollar I earn in that store! and also, I'm getting super excited for your wedding! just went to one last night, and I was just overwhelmed with joy for the couple, and I LOVE feeling like that!