Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Goodbye

Do you remember those commercials where the background music always sang "hello goobye hello goodbyeeee!!" ?? I think they were Target commercials. :P was a fantastical day, even though it was my last day hence the goodbye post for F21 earlier today, 5 minutes after I worked into work, that's what I felt like singing. 

To quickly fill you in, I was not approved for a direct transfer to another F21 in Michigan, because I was going to be out of work too long with the wedding and N and I taking our honeymoon and then moving to Michigan. So my plan was to just try my hardest to get rehired as soon as I got there. 

WELL. It seems as though my luck has turned people! I got to work today and the next thing I knew, I was on the phone with the mgr that I've been in contact with in Michigan since August and she casually informs me that she worked her magic and got me a direct transfer to hear store!! :D I was/am soooo excited! My benefits will transfer and I'll be able to add N on right away after we're married and I won't have to worry about possibly not having a job once I get there!! :) 

I'm so so happy. Thank you luck. Are you trying to tell me something? Could it be possible that you have finally come back to me? :) If you are..I am welcoming you with wide open arms! I tell you what..

So tonight marked the last night of working with my team here in Colorado however, which makes me very sad but I have great things to look forward to in the next week, two weeks, three weeks, and so on :)

Starting with tomorrow, I will be heading to DIA to pick up my best friend, soulmate, and cousin Katie! I've not seen her since March (!) when N and I visited her and her family (and our godson) and I cannot wait to hug her, laugh with her, and have her here with me for the next two weeks!


  1. Yeah!!! So excited for your news. And FYI, it's not LUCK that made it happen. Always remember...things work out the way they are supposed to! xoxo. Auntie Jenn.

  2. So exciting that you got the transfer!! One less thing to worry about, and one more thing to look forward to. :-) Enjoy your time with Katie!! Friend soulmates are the best!