Tuesday, September 07, 2010

For N

Thank you for staying up with me tonight. I know you love when I have grandiose ideas right before you want to go to bed. Like writing our wedding vows. :) You just didn't know I had planned to sit down and play with some lines all along. You just happened to come along and I decided to make you part of it last minute. I like what we have decided. I think they are going to be perfect. I found one more website after you went to bed with questions to ask yourself when writing your vows and so I thought "What the heck". First I wrote them all out in my notebook. And now I'm thinking, I want to show you. They're kinda lame. But I miss you light years more now than before and as nervous as I am, I can't wait for you to get back here and marry me already! I love you. (No, you're not off the hook for tonight) Hope you like my.. jaaam. :P

1. What is the one thing you like most about your intended?
The person you bring out in me. The happiness you bring into my life everyday. The way you make me laugh. The sunshine you bring into my life. 

2. When was it that you realized that his is the one person?
When our love for each other lead us back to one another and I watched our relationship and love grow beyond anything I had ever imagined. 

3. Why do you think the two of you should marry?
I think our hearts have already shown us that we have and always will be, committed to each other.

4. What is the memory that you cherish most about your intended?
The way you were during moments in our relationship when I knew you loved me the most, not because you told me, but because I could feel it. You were as gentle, scared and vulnerable when  you first kissed me as when you got down on one knee and proposed to me. I will never forget the softness of your lips and love in your voice on either of those days. Nor will I ever forget those moments.

5. Is this upcoming wedding and marriage what you always dreamed about?
And then some. ♥