Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 21 / 30 Days

a website. 

that was easy. I love love looooove It's amazing. It's vintage. It's fantastical!! And makes me want to have a credit card with no limit (of course one that I wouldn't have to repay - ever!)

Unfortunately..when I visit this site..I spend my time more "picture shopping" than anything. I've never actually purchased a single item off this website as much as I would LOVE to own a single ModCloth item. But maybe soon. 

If you have never gone to the site and you love all things girly, vintage, and pretty..GO TO IT. Now, I said. K sorry. I'm so incredibly tired and literally falling asleep a little. But I didn't want to skip a day without continuing my 30 day challenge after my breather this weekend..and right's still 11:32pm so technically I'll still make it :)

SO. Who wants to see my newly picked dream outfit?? Who cares if you do. I want to admire it some more!! :D
This jacket is a dream! All my inner Aubrey Hepburn I'm a ladyness would come out in me in an instant. It's such a stunning jacket. 
Underneath this beautiful soft dress. The pattern and the neckline are my favorite. ♥

Complete with the perfect girly strappy heel...
A classic accessory...

And a colorful stand out purse to complete the whole look. 

On to outfit number dos..
This sweater looks like a dream. With skinny jeans and flats for a stroll around the town..

..or with a cream tank..this adorable skirt..

And the perfect riding boot to pair off a glamorous but effortless fall ensemble. 

Are you in Love yet??? 


  1. wow - disclaimer** the heck is up with all my spacing in this post!! ?

  2. we are totally in the same boat - I browse ModCloth on a regular basis but have NEVER purchased anything! we should make it a resolution to change that. in fact, I might steal your idea and post my own ModCloth wishlist. :)

  3. I'm in love with that jacket, skirt and the green purse!!! I can honestly say I've never browsed, but plan to do so now! :-)

  4. yes Mandee! We must. I think that bird dress you posted on your blog might have to be my first one. Don't know how I missed it.

  5. I love EVERY piece of clothing you put on here! Uh-oh to my $$$ if I ever go to this website! haha. Such cute ensembles :) You have such style, my friend!

  6. Thank you thank you :) I'm just a good "website shopper" :P Secretly, I'm thinking of making weekly wishlists, because I know N read's my blogs..maybe he'll get the hint ;) ;) ;)