Thursday, September 02, 2010

Day 14 / 30 Days and then some

Hi you guys

Just a few things from me tonight. I just crawled into bed and all I feel like doing is downing my huge glass of milk, watching some House and letting sleep steel me away. (However, how bout we not dream about me trying to go to Starbucks and being denied coffee again? Thx) Lately things have been ueber crazy and I feel like I'm going to be living and breathing all-thing-wedding for the next four weeks. Which is fine. But weird things are happening. :P I get a little loopy when things are so on a set path that demands a lot of my energy; I drink a disgusting amount of coffee. I am either picking my cuticles, biting my lip, and chewing on my cheek (even more gross I know) at all times. And I change things. I've changed my phone's background three times this week. Rearranged all the icons. And have done the same with my computer desktop. And now I'm about to do the same to my blog. I really don't like this one though. Or maybe I do, but maybe it's my loonity that needs to make sure I can control some changes while a million other changes are happening around me that I cannot control, but just be forced to sit back and let the change overcome me.

Hope you like the new look. One day I'm going to pay for someone to create me a totally personalized blog! :) Yes I am. Which maybe that's what I'll do soon. I've had this thought. Not that I want to offend anyone, but I've thought that I might want to change my blog a bit after I'm married. But I don't particularly want a family or newlywed blog. N loves my blogs and I do want a new theme, but I want to keep my individual ness.. !? Any suggestions? Think I might already have some cute new titles..and overall..I'm still going to talk your ear off about nothingness, just like I do now. So you've got lots to look forward to my friend :) You just wet your pants a little. I know.    I know. ;) 

So..let's get to Day 13 of this challenge shindig which is by far my least favorite day! A non fictional book. What is that? Who reads those? Or better yet, I don't read those!! Or do I? The other day I was at Barnes and Noble, and this would be as good as any time to publicly confess to N that I stole his $25 gift card which he's literally had since we STARTED DATING(!!!!!) and helped myself to some books at the store :) I love you schatz. I'm sorry. I'll replace it. Promise. But anyway, I got my new copy of Mockingjay with it and had like $6 left over. I hate when I don't use gift cards all the way! So I had to use it up. A book that I have, very very secretly wanted to read caught my eye on a random table and once I picked it up I was appalled yet so excited at the sale price of $5.50. 

Oh so know it. I totally bought Julie Andrews' biography. The woman is only the epidome of Walt Disney and everything rainbows and sunshine AND she's MARY POPPINS! DUh. And she serenades you for whopping three hours in the Austrian Mountains in a beautiful dirndl. Point - she's amazing and yes, you can totally borrow it when I'm done. :) Sucker. You secretly want to read it to. It's ok. Come to the bright side. Admitting it is so much easier :) 

Night kids

I miss N. 

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