Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 22 / 30 Days : Perfect

whatever tickles your fancy.

I've been experimenting lately. With make up. And  hair. And a little clothes. I secretly follow a couple fashion blogs and lately..I've been up for going outside of my comfort zone a little here and there with new hairdo's .. bolder make up .. and pleather leggings! :P All of us girls at work have them and we love 'em. The leggings that look like fake leather. Kinda a la Sandy from Grease. But I love them because they're instantly dressier than regular leggings and I love pairing them with my boyfriend blazer and a tank. ... anyway

VERY recently..I've made a step in the .. lipstick .. direction. And I LOVE it! I used to completely ignore my lips. I would take care of them with chap stick and such..but that was about it. Then i fell in love with the nude lip because it was easily doable with my already minimal lip care. Then a couple days ago I was in Walgreens and spent about 15 minutes staring at the berry reds in the make up aisle before I started popping off caps and doing little trials on my hand. 

I knew I wanted a red. Not a cherry red. A berry red. A beautiful dark enough red for the fall that I could minimize my morning make up routine with by just doing a minimal eye and accentuate the lip. (I'm thinking that I've learned..as in clothing it is the same for make up..if you're showing lots of leg..cover up the girls; in make up: if you're showing off the eyes..go for the nude lip)

well kids. I think I'm getting pretty good at it. And I love it more and more everyday I go with the bold lip. I was the total dork taking pictures of myself in my mom's car today while she ran into the store to grab some things. (I was so pooped from work I couldn't even get my butt to go in with her) But I wanted to show you and get your feedback on what you guys think! And when I saw that I get to tell you whatever happens to tickle my fancy today (!) I realized showing you my smoldering red lips is just going to go perfect with this post :P alright that was super dumb. I'll shut up and show you the pictures now!


  1. You are so gorgeous babe!

    Love N :)

  2. I really think we're twins. I recently started wearing red lipstick too! I love the color you have on... did you do a gloss on top? what I love most about lipstick is that it makes your teeth look super white, haha.

  3. Schatz! :D You commented on my blog :)

    And Mandee..I have super dry lips..mostly because one of my fantastic nervous habits is I can pick at them..so I top it off with a little chapstick :P so ya makes it look kinda glossy. And I never thought about that ;)

  4. I love it! I never wear lipstick because I've heard it takes away some of your natural color over the years, but those pics make me want to say "screw it" and run out and buy lipstick. Love!

  5. Oh really? Well hopefully it takes a long long time for that to happen, because I love it :D and I don't wanna stop anytime soon! :P

  6. You go with your berry red self!!! I do nudes and soft pinks and occasionally a red...but usually just a gloss girl. Thanks for the inspiration to step out of the (makeup) box!

  7. Glad you like it Katie :) I think you would be stunning with the occasional bold lip ;) Maybe a future date night? Knock Tyler off his socks a little :)