Thursday, September 09, 2010

Meet 23


I'm a little loopy tonight. And my friend Mari from work and I have been on this speaking Spanish kick - she teaches or improves my Spanish from high school..she mostly laughes at me and I teach her a little German here and there ;) so HOLA! 

I'm proud of myself for being so efficient with my blogging lately. I already took care of my challenge for today if you haven't checked out what my talent was, you should. But yesterday while driving I had a little epiphany for a cute post. Thought about it since yesterday and here it is. 

In the last year I have known fun, quirky little things about myself that are one small littler reminder after another that I'm getting older. I saw a picture of me the other day from only about a year and a half ago .. my hair was 13 inches longer .. my make up a little crazy .. and it made me stop to look closer. It made me realize that for the first time I feel different. I used to say "I still feel 16". I don't anymore. I feel different from the comfort in my own skin to my dress to the things I do to the things I like and have learned to dislike. 

N and I were joking back and forth tonight through text and I asked him "You free Oct 6 - 12th?" and he replied "I'll be completely alone on the beach with my wife". That sent a little shiver down my spine. .. my wife .. I can't wait to be his wife. 

I recently added the button "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself" to my blog which for some reason I love. I used to be the girl that put a lot of importance in "finding herself" and figuring out who I am. With N and within the last couple years I've learned a lot about myself; my strengths and weaknesses and the not so positive things about my personality as well as the things I really like about myself and I'm finding out my backgrounds on my phone :P I change quite frequently but at the end of the day, it's like I'm spending my time trying on little new outfits here and there and seeing if I like them on me. I'm enjoying creating who I am. 

I used to worry about marrying young or being with one person for too long because I didn't want to take away from "finding myself". Luckily for me, despite all the other areas of my life that are getting rained on, I have N. Who let's me be whoever I want to be, wear whatever I feel like wearing, do pretty much whatever I feel like doing and I can share my growth and creativity of myself with him. And he will still love me regardless. I think I can even be bold enough to say that he sometimes is proud of me. 

To give you some fun quirky insights to the things I've realized about myself recently..let's make a list!! :D For you list lovers out there. enjoy. xo :) me

Jessica .. volume 23
Since I've turned 23 I.....

+ have discovered the wonderful world of spanks

+ have started wearing slips under all my skirts and dresses (girls, see through is so not in style)

+ have stopped listening to r&b just because it's on the radio and everyone does. Ingrid, Regina, and A Fine Frenzy are my ladies

+ Drink a glass of milk every night before bed time 

+ stopped having drunken pictures of myself on Facebook (okay..for the most part)

+ take care of my shoes and clothes like they are babies

+ have learned to be better with money

+ started using eye cream religiously

+ floss like it's a religion

+ tell people no and speak my mind (okay..I always did that last one)

+ have wondered through Barnes & Noble and perused the cook book aisles

+ see things through the eyes of a camera lens again

+ always keep a tide pen in my purse

+ wear lipstick daily and ditched the lipgloss

+ have become a pro at giving myself a mani/pedi

+ am realizing that I want a family with N. Soon. 


  1. Hooray for feeling like a young woman instead of a teenager! I realized that a few months ago. Finally! After graduating college, getting married, buying a home, having a big kid job, caring for two puppies...I finally feel like an adult :) And I like it. And I post less pictures of me wasted on fb, too. haha. I even delted my "tags" in about 500 drunken photos. Go us!

  2. Thank you for posting on this! :) It's on the top 3 of my favorite posts ever. And the small irony is, that when I started following your blog (and still do) I would always think "I can't wait to be a little home wife like her" :) so YAY for you and yay for us :)

    (it's really kind of pathetic how much you can tell a person's "real age" by the kinds of pictures they're posted in :P but (!) that doesn't mean I regret a single night of those pictures..but let's just put those away for now :P)

  3. Haha totally agree, those pictures just can be on the DL :) No regrets, just on the DL.