Monday, September 06, 2010

USA tickles MY fancy

While lounging in my room today watching Sponegbob..blogging..and sipping sweet tea (can't you just picture it) a cereal commercial came on and I had a little flashback that I have every once in awhile. I will see something that reminds me of when I was still growing up in Germany and would only come to the States for a big chunk at a time in the summer time. Back then, when the States was a place I got to visit every summer there were a number of things that I thought were so cool and American and every summer those were the memories I recreated every year with my family and looked forward all year! So for my Day 17 - Whatever tickles your fancy I'm going to list the things that made my tween heart flutter with excitement and my eyes go wide with aww. I should forwarn you - you might (and will) think that these are so lame..but to a German girl living in the hills with Heidi..these things were magical! :)

1. Back to School at JC Penney's. Going to a department store made me feel a little like a princess and secretly I wanted everything in the store

2. THE MALL.Since my family lived(s) in the Gresham/Troutdale area of Portland, Oregon one of the yearly shopping trips was always made to Clackamas Town Center. AKA HEAVEN ON EARTH. At least that's how I remember it in my memories. Any mall with an ice rink in the middle of the food court, is unlike anything Heidi's got in her German mountains. Let me tell you!

3. Sketchers. Were in my eyes the COOLEST shoes I had ever seen . I liked the sneakers, but my cousins always had the multi buckled sandals. I was more excited than when my mom first let me wear mascara, when my feet were finally big enough to wear my cousin's. Now, you wouldn't catch me dead in those :P

4. Cereal commercials. This might be one of the lame things. But the Trick's Rabbit, or the Fruit Loops bird were such an American thing I didn't know if I liked the cereal or just the commercials better :)

5. Slip n' slides. Need I say more?

I think you get the idea. As much as I love my homeland :) my inner American Girl is pretty awesome. B-awesome, actually.

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