Sunday, September 05, 2010

Day 16 / 30 Days

You're going to think I'm a complete brat. Completing Day 16's challenge An Art Piece has me totally using a couple of my own photos. I know, I know..I'm so conceded. I'm standing in the corner in shame. 

But let me explain! 

I didn't want to try and Google the internet for some random ueber popular art piece and then give you a post pretending about how much I love that piece, because trust me, I'm a good bullshitter. (Maybe I shouldn't have just admitted that.) Don't get me wrong, I'm not fake I'm more of the "quick essay - throw something together" bs'er. But moving on..really weird tangent I'm going to stay away from. 

Back to the art piece! At first I thought "well I don't really do art". Literally, right after I clicked on my photography blog for some tlc and I thought "wait a minute.." :) So..I'm giving you 3 of my favorite photos (so art piece(s)) from the photo shoot I did for fun featuring my sister and her two bff's 2 years ago doing a little amateur fashion photography :) So far, that was still my favorite shoot. Everytime I look back at those pictures I have a new favorite. Hope you like! 

Otherwise..I should be honest and tell you that I snuck off to the local mexican and sipped on 1 too many margs after a long day at work (literally ONE too many. useless light weights) and I cannot keep my eyes awake any longer. I'm not even following the House episode playing on my TV. So that's saying something. 

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