Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Excuse me. I'll be right back.

I haven't done my blogging challenge. 
I Know.

I haven't told you about my very soon move to Michigan. 
I know. 

I'm sure there's something else I've neglected in the past couple days that I'm now forgetting to mention. 

But...I don't really care :) My bestfriend-cousin-soulmate-can'thelpbuttalkallnightwithoverflowingglassesofwinepeeingourpantsandlaughingtilloursideshurts is here!!!! 

Visiting me for the next two weeks before the wedding to help me keep my cool and keep me distracted, happy, and of course giving us the ability to catch up on everything we've not had a chance to over analyze, discuss, and slightly gossip about since we last saw each other in March. Mainly we talk about books, movies, harry potter (maybe twilight) and all the other things swimming around in our worry wart heads living on our very opposite poles we call life. 

So...if I neglect you. If I check out for a couple of days - I apologize in advance. I'm not going to take another break. I want to continue blogging throughout the next couple of weeks as much as I can. I know I'll miss you guys too much. But be patient :) and love me still when I come back to you after the craziness of these next weeks has settled. 

But I will leave you with a beautiful quote Katie shared with me...

.my best friend is a person who will give me a 
book I have not read. 
- Abraham Lincoln


  1. I'm not worried about you checking out girl... I'm pretty positive i'll see you around and hear your voice ;-)

  2. Awww, have so much fun!! Enjoy this time and make sure to take every bit of these next two weeks with your best friend/cousin/soulmate deep into your soul.