Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 23 / 30 Days : Details

your day in great detail. 

oh boy. You ready for this? I'm not sure if I am. Once you get me started on details I could go all day long. 

I thought about the best way to go about this post in making it at least fun for you to follow along and I think for me, it's actually going to be fun, because .. well..I just established I love details and two..I already kinda forgot what I did today. There's also a slight possibility I could get a slap on the hand if I talk about work too much, but I really don't care. 'Specially not after the week I've had there. So let's see.. 

let's start with...

8:05am my alarm rings for the first time
8:10am my snooze goes off and I realize I have no actual need to be awake just yet. So I choose snooze again pull the covers completely over my head and fall back asleep. 

9:32am I get woken up by my Mario Brother's ring tone (no, seriously). It's N calling. He apologizes for waking me. I can tell hearing my asleep voice is making him miss me and I promise I'll call back when I'm awake. 

9:36am I lay back down and close my eyes but my "strict mother" self is shaking her head at me and I realize I should get up. Or at least attempt to wake myself up. 

9:45am I'm craving a soft boiled egg and toast and I'm up. 
10:00am (Try and tell me this doesn't look delicious.) nom. nom. nom.

10:08am I'm joined by my mother, the left over Sunday newspaper and my laptop to catch up on the morning blog posts collecting in my RSS feed. 

10:38am I remember my phone date with Katie, dial her number and put her on speaker so her, my mama and I can have a nice morning chat. We decide we are over excited that she will be here this time next week in person, gossip over family drama, and discuss what we can do with her wrinkled bridesmaids dress once she gets here. 

12:01pm In a slight rush to ready myself for work. Brush my teeth, wash my face, quick strokes of the hairbrush (LOVE that I get 2 full days out of my hair before greasyness appears) and lather my face with lotion. I loooooove face lotion. 

12:10pm taking way too long to do my make up. Thinking about what I'm going to wear. 

12:26pm deciding on a pink and white striped oversized sweater, grey leggings and camel colored riding boots with oversized zipper up the calve. 

12:30pm don't forget my minimum of 4 accessories! F21 dress code standard! 

12:37pm rushing to work. Making my mom laugh in the car. Realize I forgot to call N back - big whoops

1:00pm Clocking in ON THE DOT. Already dreading being there. 
2:47pm taking my first break. Enjoying my greek yogurt with honey and raisins. Missing N. 

4:04pm crisis averted. Glad I have the store to myself. 

5:02pm closing worker's take 5 - discussing my expectations for tonight's close. 

5:42pm Lunch break!! More like dinner break. Red velvet cupcake for dinner that I'm going to feel mighty full from in about 36 minutes. Cracking open the first page of The Historian. 

5:51pm already intrigued with this book. 

5:59pm scandalously texting N. 

6:07pm back on the floor. Helping customers and prepping to close. 

7:47pm realize I didn't clock back in from my lunch break. Damnit. Going to have to ask my boss for yet another time edit this week. Decide it's not my week to be on top of it and move on. 

9:21pm slide in the front seat of my mom's car. Another day closer to my last day of work. 

9:30pm not even thinking twice about devouring that piece of left over salmon and a nice helping of rice from mom's cooked dinner. 

9:31pm call N while my supper is warming in the microwave. Get received by a drunk and giggly N. Tell him I love him and hang up knowing he'll be too drunk for a good night phone call and am perfectly content with that.

9:58pm while invisible, I sneak back into the kitchen for nuked cookies and milk, jet back upstairs and plop down on my bed for my nightly House episode. 

11:30pm check my blog. Begin blogging. 

11:47pm hear a soft noise outside my window. Realize it's raining. Couldn't be more ready for bed time. 


  1. I love that you love details because I'm a detail-girl myself! And I love the 4-accessory rule :) I should live my life by that rule...

  2. It's a love/hate relationship :P Sometimes I love piling on my necklaces..sometimes I just want to scream "Get all this crap off me!" But it definitely has led me to buy fun unusual jewelry like big fat rings or crazy necklaces and I've learned that when I then wear them just by themselves to go out, etc I always get compliments on my cool jewelry! ;) definitely worth a try!