Sunday, September 05, 2010

Day 15 / 30 Days

Happy AM kids. it's ...oh 1:15 am and heck no I'm not asleep yet. Me and my aching tooth are just hangin' out. Watch Everybody Hates Chris which I hate but at this hour..the TV program is a little slim pickin's .. and what better to make me sleepy (hopefully) but to complete another day of my challenge and bore you to death with me whining about my aching tooth.

So which first. Tooth? Or challenge. Challenge it is. Only because this is an easy peasy one and I can complete this suck in no time. A song that makes you cry (or nearly) happens to be a newer song that I have had on repeat in the car for a good week. When Pink performed it at the Emmy's last year or so I fell in love with it, but completely forgot. Then while driving the other day it came on the radio and I melted in my seat (and cried!)

I'm giving you guys the live version to watch, because if you didn't see this performance, you're missing out. Even now when i watch this video I cry. She is so amazing and truly talented. I always forget how much I love her until I hear a song of hers or see her on TV. I don't know why, I know the song is more simple and the words even simpler, but I think where I am at in my life right now..weeks away from marrying N and being consumed by nothing else but thoughts of our life together and what the future just gets me.

(woop woop another day complete!)

So me and my tooth. Oh my tooth. Long story short. I need a root canal.
(told you long story short)

And the ending to that story is that with the big day I have absolutely no extra dimes to hand some dude in a white coat to knock me out for a few hours and play around in my mouth. No uh. Not happening. However, my tooth seems to have other plans and is making the whole living situation in my mouth very unbearable for me tonight. So much so, that I broke down and drove to a 24 pharmacy tonight after work (11:30pm mind you) waited half hour for the prescription (found some new cute lipstick!) to be filled that the dentist prescribed me last week to take to at least keep any infection down. Came back, downed some ibuprofen, slathered on the orajel and have been waiting for a good hour and a half for sleep to come through my window.

Still nothing.

But I think I'm ready to give it another shot!

Night kids.


  1. I saw Pink perform Glitter in the Air live last year, and it was the most amazing show I've ever seen. it's such a beautiful song! good choice!

  2. Thx. I've Youtube'd a couple other live performances. I would LOVE to see it live. Or just see HER live period :)