Monday, September 06, 2010

McDonald's & Boobs.

Hope you guys made mummy proud today and did a wonderful series of nothing. :) The day definitely had some highs and lows today..but ended with a beautiful new mani/pedi a la ME (!) and me deciding next what yumminess I am going to have for dinner. 

My mama just got back from her amazing girls' only getaway in the mountains (I can tell she's thrilled to be back to reality) and I just had a complete epiphany about what my theme for Day 17 - Whatever tickles your fancy is going to be. Check out my following blog post (or I guess in the sequence of publishing, previous post ;))But until then, let's recap my productive Labor Day! 

After fighting with N for the first time in a while .. I had to crawl back into bed and try a small do over .. and try and get out of bed on the right side. Which later on, I realized that the first time around, I really did get up on the unusual side which had to have been the cause of my imbalance of Ying and Yang.

Felt better the second time around that I started my planned cleaning of my room..

..took a break and cried out a little frustration :P..then dragged myself to Target for an exchange..saw the inflamed Rocky Mountains from my car..

..might possibly have picked up some comfort food (the worst yet best kind) on my way home
don't worry..I went to the corner of shame after

and finished off the day with the charming House and a strange-but-turned-out-awesome hand and foot mask complete with mani/pedi 
the weirdest feeling thing ever..but my hands and feet are still sooo soft! And moisturized! 

And yes..N and I made up over our little "We're poor and stressed and would like to take it out on each other right now" fight and had a Skype session with lots of attempts to give each other dirty looks that just ended up in smiles that made us both feel better. We are so gonna rock this marriage thing. 

pardon the girls. 

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  1. sometimes you just a need a little McD's. Ain't no shame :)