Thursday, September 09, 2010

Day 19 / 30 Days

I know I should have completed this challenge .. mmhhh.. about 10 days ago I think .. I definitely cheated and skipped a few days. But hey! I've done my best and I think I've stuck with it for the last good 11 days! And now it's getting close to the end. :( That's okay .. I have a feeling that I'm going to have to prep for some posts ahead of time to hold you over while I'm getting hitched, sticking my feet in the sand on my honeymoon, and driving cross country to my new home in Michigan. Plus, I've really been to start the 365 days Photo Project for months now, but I think that will be the perfect way to get my feet back on the ground and blogging (after of course I post all about the wedding, honeymoon, and move. thought I wouldn't share that with you? psshh. thought you knew me better than that). 

anyway..rambling a bit this morning..I've got day 19 to complete here people! A hobby of yours. 

well. Without being repetitive. I'm really sorry to inform you I really only have one real hobby. I wish it was more. And it is a goal of mine to take it there one day. But for now, it really is more a hobby. My photography. enjoy...

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