Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Events & Weekends

There are lots of things happening and I'm trying to keep up with everything. Tomorrow is my last day of work, Tuesday..Katie will be here, my Bachelorette party is Saturday..and the wedding is getting closer and closer every day. I'm trying to stay relaxed, especially since after tomorrow I will have a nice almost whole month off but lots of things going on and I want to make sure I take time to enjoy every moment of the big events that are happening in my life so that I don't miss a single thing.

Regardless of the fact that it was hard to get myself to go to work today after the great two days off for the weekend, tomorrow is going to be even harder. I would love to stay with my team at F21 and saying goodbye to them is going to be hard, even though my body and emotional state is clapping at the next 3.5 weeks off I don't want to say bye. 

Nevertheless, thinking back and looking at the pictures of this weekend..there's a good chunk of me that's pretty excited to be able to spend time with friends, family, and N!! When he finally gets here next Tuesday :)

Woke up with Oli cuddling with me on Saturday morning. He got in big trouble the night before and I could tell he still felt bad :P. 

As always, riding in the backseat with bellabella :)I love her so much I name her twice. 

My mamacita is so stylish when we go shopping for the day :)

First..we had to stop for free lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. They were opening a new one, so if you had tickets your meal was free. But boy were there lots of people, overwhelming amount of random waiters and waitresses coming to check on you..and good thing we had exact cash to scrap together at the end for our alcohol drinks! Woulda been nice to know it was cash only :P. But these girls are only concerned with their perfectly kissable lips! :)

sitting in the sunshine! :)

Our Buffalo Princess ♥

Rock on chicas!!

Can't head on over to the mall without a yummy cup of Vanilla Chai! :)

Fuzzy girls but adorable girls!

Those heels make your legs go on forever bella darlin'! :)

so..I know I'm due for my day 26 I believe of my challenge!! This weekend was so crazy busy I promise to work on it tomorrow and post as well. Don't be such a whiner! :) Not like I've been completely slacking! Have a great Monday morning kids!


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