Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a Week{end} !!

Hi kids
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I am sitting here trying to sort of convince myself that it was a good weekend (because it absolutely was) but I am EXHAUSTED!! You know that saying "I need a vacation from my vacation?" well I need a big fat weekend from my weekend! I feel as if so many exciting things happened that it feels as if the weekend took up an entire week! I've got the blisters and slight fever + tummy ache to prove it (I'm assuming result from the .. celebrations I had in downtown Denver this weekend).


{ BIG fat side note!! I LOVE when people tell me they are secret lovers and followers of my blog. Makes me oh so happy :) }

Anyway..let's start with Friday, ya? Oh Friday. I remember now. She was almost as bitchy as Monday can be! The night before N and I had had a pretty difficult discussion about the upcoming wedding. We didn't fight but we hate talking money (who doesn't?) and even though we are excited and nervous..the final bill for the oversized party (yes, I just called my wedding a party) is more than nauseating. Let's just say I better scout some sweet ass thrift stores the second I make it to Michigan, because my deco budget for our new home will be slim to none. So of course..this nausea carried over into Friday morning which must have put N in a little tail spin because 5 minutes before I walked into work he had some drastic thoughts about not having the wedding at all. (ya). In his total defense, there are parts of me that are so at the end that I'd rather just take my dress and hop the first plane to far far away with him, but on the other hand; it's 5 weeks away, the bill is quite meaty, and the strains of this year and having been without each other all summer long is more than weighing on us. Nevertheless, I didn't have the ability to rationalize like that at that moment and tried for the rest of the morning at work not to burst into tears and keep from having a full blown panic attack.

As Friday afternoon came around, I realized she was going to be much nicer to me than her bitch sister Friday morning, and with Friday night came downtown lollygagging shannanigans in the forms of friends, shots, and quite possibly a little too much dancing.

the best failed bathroom shot

my emergency pretend boyfriend when N's not there and best friend Ry

best dance buddy 

Saturday is kind of a blur now..I know I spent the day pretending I wasn't hungover, working from 9-6..and doing it all over again that night with some more friends. (I hardly ever go out. Let alone two consecutive nights. I'm a loser. I know it)


the two funniest women I know - and my new favorite followers :D

I'm not gonna lie..Sunday morning I started waking up from the dead and stretched my feet out in my bed..pulling them right back up to my chest when I felt something ice cold at the foot of the bed..pulled up the blanket and saw a pack of frozen (now semi melted) pees! I totally took them to bed with me because my feet were so damn painful when I slipped into bed the night before .. :P I was desperate. 

Looked a little like death for the first few hours of Sunday morning..sitting in the sun at my brother's soccer game and headed off afterward to Cherry Creek mall in Denver to spend the day MOB dress shopping with of course my mom, my Sena :) and my aunties Jen & Amy. 
*side note - MOB = Mother of the Bride
And you better believe that, not only did we find THE dress in the first store (love Nordstrom's) but it also took us less than an hour!!! I couldn't find any pictures of it online - bummer - but it is so beautiful! Sophisticated, sexy, and chic all in one and so NOT a typical MOB dress :) Not that there's anything wrong with those.. . :)

Bella and I riding in the backseat :D

my beautiful Sena ♥

Bella over the whole shopping thing :) yet still so adorable

It was a fantastic day and a great weekend. I think I have to force myself off the computer and into bed ..I really am running a little fever..and get a good night's rest so I can start the 4 week countdown to our big day rested and excited! 

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