Wednesday, August 04, 2010

PJ's & Birthdays!

Don't judge me.

But I am so spending my morning in pj's again. Alright alright, I know I'm lazy! But first of all, I wasn't totally lazy yesterday. Only until noon! After that I had a photo session with the beautiful S (check out how great the photos turned out here) and follow my photography blog while you're at it, k?! :P

We both know you want to.

And this morning,..back to me defending myself not being lazy..I've got a few hours before I have to drop of the wedding invitations at the post office, meet my bridesmaid at DB so we can fit her dress and then my friends, this girl is going to work!! So basically, it's my Monday. And I'm going to start it relaxed, well rested, and blogging with you guys! How many times do I get to say that I start my Mondays of this way?

So while we're sitting here sipping our coffees (alright alright, you're reading this from work...I'm the only one still not wearing a bra, I get it) let's discuss the fact that I need to make my photography thing a not-so-back-burner-thing. Like I told you, I had a senior pictures shoot yesterday..I have another Monday next week sometime, maybe even two, and another family/sibling shoot next Wednesday. Funny that I'm filling up my free days with shoots in the busiest time of my life maybe. But we've recently discussed that I'm doing swimmingly as the-bride-on-top-of-things, so I'm not worried.

But I was talking to N on the phone yesterday and I started thinking that maybe when we make our big move out to Michigan, start our pretty little newlywed life together, that somewhere in there I need to focus more on doing what I really love. Without going down the do-what-you-love road, I want to make sure that I do this before life runs away with me.

*On a different note*

We've got birthdays this month!! And it just so happens that today is my baby-sister-in-laws' 
17 birthday!!

Her older sister and my other sister in law will be 21 in 17 days (oh god help us) but my mother in law has the same birthday as her daughter..which is also

Happy Birthday chicas!
xo :)


  1. awww thanks lovely!! i cant wait for you to take care of me on my birthday!

    P.S. oh i love love lve reading your blogs...keep posting so i keep reading ;) They inspire me :)

  2. wow that's a lot of birthdays to celebrate! have fun!