Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh Ya. I'm still doing that Challenge

Call me a slacker. I won't even try to deny it! But I'm doing the best I can. Especially after my realization this morning that my wedding is 5 weeks away! (Oh my tummy!)
So even though I don't have any vents or randomness to blab about tonight, I am going to continue with Day 9 of the 30 day blogging challenge! Which yes, I know, I already royally failed. I'm a procrastinator. And a horrible one at that. So I'm making this more like the 40 Day Blogging Challenge. Quit bitchin'

So here we go. Day 9! A photo you took
WoW. Could that be any harder? seeing as I am a bit obsessed with photography and snapping people's pictures, this is going to be a difficult one. It will probably delay my posting of this post by about the next thirty minutes, because I didn't know THAT was going to be thrown at me. I better find one..but what criteria!? My favorite? My most recent? ... b r b kids.

OH, EASY PEASY! Found it. It just had to find me first. :) This picture is one of my favorite and first lifestyle portrait shoots I did for a friend of a friend. We were in a trashy grassy area, but she had the prettiest, girliest dress on, and I forced her to throw on my knee high steve madden boots and just walk around. I knew the second the shutter closed that I'd gotten the exact shot I was looking for.

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