Thursday, August 05, 2010

Favorite tunage??

Day 1
So this challenge came a little unannounced I know. Punish me for it later or just let me keep you on your toes about what's happening here on a daily basis. Being flexible is healthy! And movies these days are always telling us that characters that are predictable are laaame. And you don't wanna be lame right?

Well good because neither do I! That is why I jumped at the challenge of the crazy awesome, newly acquainted miss Becca. Not only does she have an adorable, unique blog, she also created this cool 30 day blogging challenge that I cannot pass up. If you want more details on it, check out my tab right at the top there ;) ^^^^^ and you can see what my daily themes are!
And since I've got about 10 minutes to finish this post before I have to jet off to work, let's get started with day numero uno!

Your favorite song
Fantastical. I am wretched at answering "favorite" questions. Especially when it comes to music!
I'm one of those that stops in her tracks when a certain, heart-string-tugging song comes on. I often express a little "oooooh (soft sigh) I LOVE this song!" when I recognize the first couple cords of a song that gets me every time.
So I'd have to say I would have no choice but to pick a song from that category of my liking.
Don't get me wrong, I have multiple party songs that I heart strongly, during which I cannot sit still should they happen to play on the radio. Or iPod..!? (I'm so not with the times on that one). 

So let me keep it simple. If N and I didn't already have our song for our first dance - this would be it. I love the words. The melody. The sweetness of it all. Every time I hear it I feel like I'm walking along a pier holding N's hand laughing and smiling and feeling happier than we ever have together.

Cheesy? Yes. But why? How much better would our world be if everyone felt that happy for at least an entire day of their life? With all of the sadness, frustration, and hard times life gives us, the least we could is imagine ourself that happy if no be that happy. 

did you really think I forgot to tell you the song? :) 

Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth

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