Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Showers for missunshine

Alright I cannot let it be Thursday and not having posted pictures from my wonderful bridal shower this past Sunday! I kept telling myself "Oh I'll do it tonight" after work and now it's Wednesday? What the heck?? So since today is my only day off till next Monday I just have to upload them, tell you how amazing it was, and be done with it :) Even though I wish we were all celebrating, stuffing ourselves with amazing cupcakes made by my darling mama and my friend Sena...

and drinking too much wine. Or was it punch? There was something in my punch I tell you what. Loads of champagne maybe? I don't know but I could not stop drinking it :P Anyhow..I suppose it's appropriate that I blog about how much fun I had with all those women I heart so much, because I picked up my Thank you notes today and can't wait to address them. I know, there's something wrong with me - I love addressing things and writing things?! But my best friend Britt is also in love with purchasing pens, and papers, and markers ( I think she might have cried a little this year that she didn't have to purchase any since we're college alumni now ) that I'm sure she is the same way! ;) 

So I could sit here and type away about each and every gift, who came, etc OR I could just the pictures with a little caption do the work :) I figured you'd like the second option :) Alright! Here goes..

my sister created this candy bar..filled with all of my favorite candy's!! I loved it so much I'm making her recreate it at my wedding :)

Yea..there was some real food. But who needs anything besides sweets and strawberries?

My beautiful best friends Britt (everyone say hi britt) and Angela

My sister snapped this. Kinda heart it. 

I MUST get this in a frame! 

All my mommies. :) And yes, I checked with my aunty Jen, the pretty blonde down in the front, I can have this many mommies :) (maybe they're not so much mommies, because they're also maybe they can be frommies?)

What would a bridal shower be without tears and hugs? xo :)

I loved all my gifts, but this made my heart to back flips! Not only is it my own Betty Crocker Cook Book - it's the vintage edition!!! It has the old original images and vintage cartoons in it. I am still a little freaking out just thinking about it :)

And 4 (of my 6 total) amazing bridesmaids that helped throw me the most perfect bridal shower I could ever imagine. thank you all so much! I love you ♥


  1. yay looks like so much fun!!! I love all things wedding!!!!!!!!

  2. This looked beautiful and so perfect! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Shower!! :-)