Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Challenge? What Challenge.

I have been physically exhausted. I think taking on this 30 day blogging challenge is killing me. But, I really want to stick to it! But I have to apologize and admit that I am not doing a great job at keeping up every day. So I think for now, to help me get through it, I'm going to post mini posts every day, answering the questions, and throughout, update you on all the fun, stressful, frustrating, and uplifting things that are happening in the next few weeks!!

So let's do that first :)
one. my bridal shower is this weekend! And I am sooooo excited! My aunties Amy & Jen with the help of my wonderful bridesmaids are throwing me a "jess-is-not-allowed-to-know-anything" shower this Sunday for which I am soo sooo excited, I already have my entire outfit picked out :P I am weird like that. I plan my outfits ahead for everything. Hence the reason I've known what I've wanted to look like the day of the wedding for a year now. :) So yes, stay tuned for pictures this weekend!
two. the following Saturday is my sister-in-law's 21'st birthday. So everyone, please steer clear from the bars on August 21st, because it ain't gonna be pretty :). Jk lady. It's going to be a blast!! And I cannot wait to celebrate it and introduce you to downtown, lodo's and have you come with me from now on when we go out!


three. the weekend after THAT, is the weekend I'm going shopping with my mamacita for her MOB dress!!!! :D So exciting! I've been looking forward to this more than shopping for my own dress. Okay..maybe not that much, but ever since I found mine I've been looking forward to it! 

yaay. (Can you feel my enthusiasm?) I really am excited, but it's becoming literally impossible for me to keep my eyelids open any longer. I have go to go pass out now. 

right. now. 

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