Thursday, August 19, 2010

Everybody hates Picture day

Day 8 of the challenge calls for a picture that makes me angry/sad. Not that surprising considering that yesterday I had to share a picture with you that made me happy. Funny thing is, that today, anything would make me sad I think.

I'm overloaded. Exhausted. And over it. Over certain people in my life that are walking blindly, stubbornly through this world and most importantly selfishly. Today I happen to not care if I sound whiny. If I'm drowning in self pity, because I kinda am. At least it feels that way. I try so hard not to. But today, all sense of caring to be proper, polite, or giving a damn of what people will say about my behavior, has left me. The only thing I have strength for on a day like this is to just go through the motions. Whether I'm fully there or not. I don't really care.

I don't think you can consider it ironic that I clicked the link to my blog to see what today's challenge question is, thinking it might make me feel better, and it's really only doing the opposite. I don't have an image that makes me particularly angry or sad. But I'm pretty sure if I had a digital copy of one it would be a picture of my dad. Which now that I think about it, applies to both adjectives the question is asking of me. They make me incredibly angry and at the same time I can tell if I would let them, they would be able to reach the deepest heart strings of mine and fiddle at them. However, lucky me, I've done pretty good at tucking those to the very back.
And since my wall has been successfully erected for the day, even though I can tell you that that's the image I would include in this post, 1) i can't and 2) even if I wouldn't phase me.

I have this weird ability to take things I know are going to run me over like a freight train and switch the tracks so they go the other way for awhile until I am ready for them to come back and deal with them, then. 

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