Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tuesday Morning & Pj's

I've got a couple randoms, a few side notes, and exciting news about me being an oh-so-on-top-of-it bride! Shall we start with the randoms or the the sides notes..!? How about I tell you first what a busy little bee I've been about getting things done for my wedding! Only because this has been the only time in my life that I actually feel I've stayed on top of things.

I'm even creating lists and crossing off every item! Go me! (side note 1 - I'm so that person that will add an already completed task to my list, only so that I can cross it off and make myself feel better). It's fantastical. I feel very accomplished. And for you thrifters out there, I'm about to make you very proud. 

So my budget for wedding decor hasn't been exactly forgiving. So I've spent all my free 5 minute free time on theknot.com looking for fun decor ideas for ceremony and reception that aren't gonna blow my budget totally out of the water. So I made a much needed trip to the thrift store yesterday to turn some of the ideas I saw into sweet reality. 

I got 12 large mason jars that I'm going to copy like these with sand and the long candles and have them line the aisle for the ceremony. I later met with my florist who loved this idea, and she's going to add deep purple rose petals all along. ♥ LOVE it :)
And the best part? I spent less than $6 on all 12 jars!! Now all I need it candles and sand from the $1 store and boom - ceremony decor for less than $10. 
I rock I know. 

(side note 2 - I love that Nickelodeon show iCarly. I laugh out loud at every episode)

The night before last I perusing theknot.com some more and saw this cool image of a couple that had used thrift store furniture as decor at their wedding...
I LOVED this idea! If you can't really see, they have each table no. in each panel. So I thought, alright maybe I can let this inspire me to do something similar. But I knew that was a long shot..boy was I wrong. I didn't have to let the inspiration work too hard when I turned my little cart filled with mason jars around the corner and saw these (!) 

They were just leaning up against the shelf. And no...I did not knock a jar off the shelf that then broke into a hundred little pieces and a little old man had to come sweep it up as I was running towards them down the aisle. 

I don't know what you're talking about. 

But, how amazing are these? And you can't tell me that they weren't meant to be. Total? $12 for both! (Did I mention that it was 25% off Monday? I'm not kidding. That whole purchase was meant to be).  

Now I just have to repaint the frames, because blue is not going to work with my colors and decide if I want to use ink that writes on mirror or knock out the mirror and replace it with a matte surface. Any suggestions?

(side note 3 - My second favorite Nick show? Spongebob Squarepants! ) 
(side note 4 - I realize my side notes are more like randoms than side notes. Just go with it.)

So as I already told you, I've got my flowers all picked out, which is a huge relief, because that was not my forte. Sunflowers are my favorite, and other than that I couldn't tell a fresia from a hydrangea. Luckily, I brought my mamacita and sister along and they helped me pick beautiful arrangements. My main flowers are going to be chrysanthemums and daisies...

the mums are going to be this orange I'm so excited! :P 

(side note 5 - I'm loving this Tuesday-morning-in-pj's-till-noon-thing!)


Ok so maybe I only have 1 random for you today. But I must share. 

once my hair grows back, I want this do'..and this dress. Maybe this will be the inspiration for
a more grown up 'married' me look :) 


  1. OMG, love, love, love the mason jars and the window frames!! I kind of think you'd be better off knocking out the mirrors, but if the writing is easy enough to read on the mirror itself, having mirrors could add a whole other awesome element to the decor. And, I also write things on my to-do list that I've already accomplished because I love crossing them off. :-)

  2. writing on the mirror will most likely be difficult to read, especially from an angle or a distance. You could spray the mirrors with chalkboard paint! It turns any surface into a chalkboard then you can write on it! GREAT BUYS, girl :) And like you and Erin, I also ALWAYS give myself credit for things I've accomplished but didn't write on my to-do list! No harm in that :)