Monday, August 09, 2010

There's No Such Thing As Time Travel

I promise I won't whine the whole time..but can I just say that I am e x h a u s t e d!? Saturday night's celebrations downtown Denver were a blast! Thank goodness for my Aunty Jen that brought her camera so that I can share some pictures with you! (Everybody say yaaaaay)

My aunty Jen! 

If you look closely..I'm holding my mother's Id and she mine..well you see we've got the same wallet and we were sharing a purse that night. When we were standing in line for the Tavern I pulled out her wallet and gave her hers. She shuffled along in front of me and when it was my turn to show my ID I pulled it out, handed it to the bouncer and he said "Thanks Suzy". As the mob behind me was shuffling me along I kinda mumbled WHAT? And said "Mom! Look at this!!!" And I held up her ID. She looked just as startled as me, looked at the ID SHE was holding and had my pretty face staring back at her. We just started LAUGHING! To recap 1) My mother looks 23. 2) For the first time someone did not think I looked 17 and 3) The Tavern downtown Denver ain't so good with checkin ID's!!! :D

Perfect night! :)

Nevertheless, after a pretty rough day at work I feel like a truck hit me this morning. But the agenda for the day is pretty relaxing so I'm going to tell my morning anxiety to stay at a minimum for today ;) 
And...confession. I know I didn't post day 4's challenge day yesterday. I swear I was working on it last night and then I realized I had to finish my invitations that must be sent out today..and I totally neglected you guys. I'm a slacker-horrible-blogger-friend I know. 

So let's hop to it, shall we? Because you'll never believe that this FAVORITE question I actually want to answer!! Day 4 of the challenge is asking me what my favorite book is.
Easy peasy!!!! If you didn't already know..I'm a hopeless sucker for love. I wouldn't actually call myself a romantic I think!? When people say hopeless romantic I think of people that envision white horses with big manly men on them..or guys with massive bouquets of roses and chocolates that are going to taste nasty anyway. I'm more of a "love will outlast everything if you let it" kind of girl. The kind where the small things matter. When two people stay committed to each other for their entire lives - good or bad. When they stand by each other no matter what. If I could change one thing about the world (and I'm going to be kind of a hypocrite maybe on this) but it would be that we weren't becoming so technologically dependent. What is romantic about a text? Or an email? I wish we lived in the days of love letters, and waiting and that true love thing. When men knew how to dance and had real manners and were chivalrous. That's my kinda romantic. 
Which is why this book as also my favorite book. And I am sort of looking forward to finishing my current read by Audrey Niffenegger, so that I can go back and read 
The Time Traveler's Wife ... never has a book made me weep so many different times and never have I been sadder when a book ended. 
 The writing is beautiful. The story line is beautiful and you can't not fall in love with Henry and Claire. Just thinking about what I love about the book is pulling at my heart strings :) I just, I LOVE that book! 

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