Monday, August 09, 2010

Words Are Just Words..Right?

Well yes, I changed my blog again. If you don't know me that well then I should tell you that I have a weakness for changing things. Whether it's my outfit. My hair. My shoes. The background on my phone. My phone itself! I LOVE new things. But don't slap that "materialistic" sign on me just yet. Oddly, I only like this when it comes to frivolous things. Things that don't really matter.

On the flipside, I hate making new friends (well I don't have it, but I'm not very good at it so I dislike it), I don't trade in my boyfriends that often (kidding :)) and if I like a new wine I have a hard time switching to something else for awhile (don't even think about uttering the words that wine isn't important. I should slap you on the mouth).

Which kind of brings me to my next topic which happens to double as day 5 of the blogging challenge!! Woohooo I've already made it 5 days! Alright fine, yesterday I slacked. But I gave you day 4 this morning and now you get day 5!! Tomorrow I'll have day 6 for you on the nose..and I'm guessing along with some pictures of me and my girlfriends Britt & Ang! We are finally getting together for a long overdue girls dinner!! I'm so very excited.

This is the last time the three of us were out together having fun..and it was NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!! NOT ok ladies. Not okay. Good thing we're doing something about this pronto.

So anyway..back to day 5 "What's your favorite quote?"
Again..I'm not hating this one as much as the other favorites and oh yes..I'm totally hitting you with a sappy one. So don't judge me, but I want to use this quote in my vows as well as use this as inspiration for my next tattoo. (I said don't judge) it is.

"I am, with every thought of my hearts, yours" - Anonymous

I actually found this quote in the little How To book I bought awhile back for me and N to write our vows. It's not the "Vows for dummies" edition! Geez..I have a little more class than that. I found it in a shop called Francesca's which is one of my favorite knick knack stores around. When I first read this quote it was sort of "love at first quote" (I know. That was painful. I apologize. I promise not to try and be witty again) but it has stuck with me since and if you read my previous blog about my favorite book and the type of romantic I am :) this quote just sums it up ever so nicely and beautifully. And most importantly, I couldn't it better myself if I wanted to describe my feelings to/for N.

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