Thursday, December 09, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Tulle?

As much as I hate closing at work, sleeping in past 9am, waking up to your bed haired husband, making breakfast together and lounging around the breakfast table with bagels, and coffee in the nude is quite worth it. 

Alright alright. We're not nude. haha. I just thought that would throw you off the lovey dovey trail. :) We are dressed!!! :) If you can consider my yellow polka dot robe dressed. :) This week has gone by so fast again and Christmas is fast approaching. Yesterday was a little odd, because I was planned to work, yet go called in at 10am to cover another manager's shift, which put me home at 7 to spend the night with my family. :) My mama made this amazing (!!) Chicken Parmesan dinner which I guess N requested. The three of us sat around, stuffed our bellies, listened to Christmas music, enjoyed some yummy wine and watched Modern Family. It was fantastical :) Especially when N and I decided that we were going to have a Yahtzee session in bed. I only managed to win 1 out of 3 :)but it's not all about winning, right? 

Prepare yourself for the randomness of this post because I'm taking this puppy all over the place. 

So next on the agenda is my tweet that I wanted to follow up with a mini post from the other day. I tweeted "Why is it that I always feel like I dress like a child." Well, I was running errands with N that day and when I got dressed I just really felt like wearing my pink tulle skirt I love so much. I paired it with  a casual white t-shirt, grey leggings, my plain white (with pink lining ;)) cons, because who wants to run errands in anything but flat shoes (?) and my favorite jean jacket from United Colors of Benetton that I've had since I was ... oooh about 12 years old. I was loving it all day..until I walked into an office building for one of my errands and there were all these young women my age all dressed up and my confidence crumbled a little. I felt like a little girl. But whatever. I had N snap a picture of me as we were coming home. Because after he took the picture, and all the positive feedback I got on Facebook from my tweet I'm saying F IT. :D I looove dressing like a little girl!

Happy Thursday peeps. :) I hope your day is going better than mine (I'm off to ice my face, load up on some Advil and wait for my dentist appointment at 3pm. I'm pretty sure I have an abscess tooth and the pain is killing me today. 

:( wish me luck.

xo . jess



  2. I knew you were lying about the nude thing!! If you would have said Nick was in the nude, I would have totally believed you.

  3. awwwww :D danke schwein! :D You really wouldn't believe that I like to hang out in the nude??

  4. Um, I think you look absolutely PRECIOUS!!!! Who cares what they think.

    You totally rocked it girl!!!! LOOOOVE IT!