Saturday, December 18, 2010

Midnight Friday Blanks

I really wanted to get to this earlier today, seeing as I had the morning off today and was closing at work. But when I woke up, I was entangled in the comfiest mess with N that I couldn't have gotten out of if I wanted to, and when I looked out the window, 
it was snowing. 

No big deal for some of you. 
But here in beautiful and infamous bipolar weather COLORADO, it has been in the high 60's and low 70's for the past 2 weeks. All people are talking about are their wants, needs, and dire must haves for snow and this morning, we finally got some! :P No pun intended. :P JK!

It didn't stick longer than noon. Which is the time N and I finally pulled ourselves out from under the covers and walked around the kitchen like zombies. But it felt so good to sleep in and just lay there while the house was quiet. 

SO I'm sorry for ditching you. I'm here now. 
Let's play some blanks!!

(If you wanna play along. Go talk to Lauren.

Giving is one of my favorite things to do! I love to shop for myself. I could do it all day long. But shopping for gifts for others, I could do it all week long! Like Lauren, I love to find the perfect gift for others. Something I know will surprise them and will show them my love hidden behind the specialty of the gift ♥ . 

Receiving is wonderful when I look at all the wrapped gifts sparkling in their wrapping, bows, curls, and shiny things under the tree. But always a little guilt trip when I see my pile of gifts next to me after we're all done unwrapping. 

The best gift I ever received was gifts from my nana. I can't think of just one, because she always got us way too many. But every year when we were growing up in Germany, she would send a BOX of gifts for just my sister and I and I always remember peeing my pants with excitement when it came. She always got too much, but secretly my little girl's heart LOVED it. I always felt so cool going back to school with my "stuff I got from America" :D. 

The best gift I ever gave was my senior year of high school, the photographer who did my senior pictures was doing a special for family portraits for those that had their senior pictures taken. So I gathered my siblings together and we had a totally secret, awesome sibling photo shoot right before Thanksgiving. She cried all day long every time she looked at the picture we picked, blew up and framed. She didn't even say anything for the first ten minutes after opening it, because she just kept crying. :) I'm pretty sure it was a success. 

Something intangible I wish I could receive is humor. I love to be funny. But I am probably one of the unfunniest people you'll ever meet. Unless you're my mother. But she doesn't really count. She pees her pants over anything. :) 

Something intangible I wish I could give is healing power. :P So lame I know, but I love to listen to people and let them vent to me, or cry..and sometimes I just wish I could make it all better. That I could just say the words or flick my wand and make it all better. (I think I just realized my life long dream: become a Fairy Godmother). 

The one gift I always wanted as a child, but never got was an Easy Bake like Lauren. Only because we didn't have them in Germany and I was always so jealous of my cousins, because I thought it was THE COOLEST thing on the planet. 

* Happy Holidays*
xo . jess


  1. Hope you have a great weekend lady! by the way... I'm digging the new header :)

  2. Thanks doll you do the same :D and thank yooou...I wish I could get it to go to the middle though!