Monday, December 13, 2010

pop. pop. pop.

Thank you to those lovely ladies that wished me the best for dentist appointment this morning. I was definitely a nervous wreck when I woke up this morning. So much so, that I kept trying to pick fights with N while we were getting ready to leave and on the way about the stupidest things like traffic. 


Oh what silly girls we can be, right? 

So we get to the orthodontist and I'm definitely pouting because I'm so scared. I have no idea what to expect, and the worry of it hurting even the slightest bit is making me want to just turn and run. Thankfully, my nurse was super sweet..close to my age and quickly had me breathing in nitrous gas. :) My new bff. The laughing gas, not the nurse :P
The doctor comes in to give me the my three numbing shots of which the only one that hurt was the one they gave me right below my aching tooth. At this point I am looooopy (!) and the nurse is making me laugh, asking if I'm doing okay because I keep rubbing my hands. The gas gave me the sensation that my hands and legs were just sweating so I kept having to check but they were perfectly dry. 
Next the doctor comes back all scrubbed in and I'm freaking out again. He doesn't leave me much time to worry and gets right to it and I can't feel a thing! It was just really "weird" because I could feel my jaw moving around from him pulling and tugging but I could feel absolutely nothing. He even said at one point "it's weird huh!?" And my gassed up self just exclaimed 
"YEAH!" and chuckled a little - while this guy is pulling my tooth! I'm telling you. I'm robbing a dentistry for that stuff. 
A little pop later and it was all done. And there I was with a gap in my teeth, loopy as ever, waiting for my "good job" toy. 
I was relieved, because both my dentist and the orthodontist were worried that the tooth would crack or break and the procedure was going to be a lot more difficult. But neither happened and to top it off I wasn't even bleeding. I took the gauze out by the time we got to the car. 

(I know you are just loving this dentist post)

All the numbing wore off after a few hours even though I've consistently been popping vicodin because once the numbing was wearing off I could feel the slightest but strong stinging where my tooth was and I am not down for that pain. Luckily, vicodin doesn't make me sleepy it actually wires me but sort of relaxes/paralyzes I've had the best afternoon on my bed with a blanky. N and Billy were great nurses, providing me with yummy McDonald's fries and renting a movie for later. 

They didn't even make fun of me while half my face was still paralyzed. 

I did have a little melt down about it as N and I were leaving the dentist office. And now that I can open my mouth pretty normally I'm worried about being able to see it. But I'll get over it. There's worse things in life, right?
I even felt okay enough to go for a little walk with N and the dogs in this 70 degree weather we're having!! It's like we're living in California I tell ya. 

Even though I looove me some Colorado right now and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, I wouldn't mind at least a little snow for Christmas. But taking a walk in the middle of December, in t-shirt and jeans isn't the end of the world :)

n with my mother's two dogs and our Oliver

xo . jess


  1. This was absolutely hilarious! Definitely made my day a lot better. (My blog post this morning was a little off - It started great but ended horrible. Haha.) Thanks for cheering me up! Get well soon!

  2. aw :) You're welcome! And thank you!

  3. I'm having a love/hate thing with both of us having dental experiences this week. lol. Mine paled in comparison with yours for sure! Laughing gas is fabulous stuff isn't it? :-) I remember having it when I was in elementary school and when the dentist shifted my head ever so slightly I was convinced that he'd moved the entire chair and that I was facing a different direction. haha...