Sunday, December 19, 2010


The shizznet aka "bestfriendshipbetween2guysandagirl" that is 

Birry.   Nick  &   jess

nick and billy ripping on me hard about what I do when I'm "sleeptalking"

b you don't remember what you did last night?
j oh no did I do something embarrassing again?

still discussing the easiness with which Jess would fall asleep while the three watched movies and hung out. 

j YA! That's why I always remember waking up to you saying "YAHAA we're leaving you in the dark" and I'd always jump up scared.
n ya it was the only way to wake you up.
b ya we'd talk to you for 15 minutes and you'd just keep saying "meeh, in a minute" but you never got up.
n so I'd just tell you "welp, I'm leaving you out here" and you'd pop up like toast off the couch.
j that's so mean.
b and then for the next 10 minutes you'd hear "Set your alarm!" "I don't need to take out my contacts" "Babe, don't fall asleep without me" "I WON'T!"

10 minutes later, we're still on this topic. 

n ya and I hate this: when she goes to bed and I tell her set your alarm, and she says she does. But then I come in the room and ask her if she set her alarm and she says - no Jess, shut your mouth - she says "YEAAA?! But CHECK it." So she's basically saying "SET MY ALARM!"
b so you basically have to memorize her sleep schedule for work-
n ja! (walking away angrily into the next room)
n (shouting angrily from the other room) You're LUCKY you have me!!


b I'm going to bed. night
j what?? no your not. is he babe? no It's only the second half..inning..
b quarter!!!
j (smiling)


j i'm glad we're all going to hell. 
b who the three of us?.... We go everywhere together. 


listening to biggie smalls on the radio billy teaches us that this was his last song before he died
j you're so worldly. 
b what's that?
j it means you know a lot of things. 
b oh. shit. 


b do you have time for jesus, cuz if you don't you're going to hell. 
n no I'm gonna be late for class 
b you're never too late for jesus 


On our way home from from Michigan, Billy and I made up the rear of the car caravan we had going on. After a very stressful stretch through the worst winter weather, ever, Billy calls Jess on the phone almost immediately after entering Chicago rush hour traffic around 6:30am. 
b Don't freak out, but you need to slow down and we need to pull of the highway. 
j Why???
b (slight hesitation) your trunk is open. 
j WTF!!!!!!!!!!!


Playing Yahtzee for the 367th time. 
j you had a two
n ya I'm doing 4 of a kind
j ya you had a two
n i need 4s
j ya you ha..oh you needed a 4. 
n hahah
j (short confusion) so you're gonna use the 4's. 
n yup


n babe, get the dvd player. 
j nooo you. 
n babe, sofort. Please? Come oooon.
j alright! i'll do it. hold on. 
n babe, what? Please! come on.
j hold. on. 
n Babe go! Please go get it? 
n (slightly quieter to billy) what'd she say?
b I think she either said hold on or fuck off