Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hair Too{s}day.

Volume 4: Girly Headband

Welcome to my  weekly tutorial  of what do to with your hair!! People are always asking me 

"How did you do that to your hair?" 

And so here are my answers, trials, and step by step tutorials of 

"How you can do that to your hair, too!"

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend and are gearing up for a fun New Year's Eve. I think I decided this morning that we are going to do something very European this year..but this post is about hair, so clearly I need to take my NYE thoughts elsewhere and get back to you ;)

I'm keeping it a little more simple this week 1) because it's been a nice weekend followed by a crazy work day and I've not found the time to prepare a nice video (one that includes Christmas music and Tom Shane talking to you like last week's) and 2) because yesterday was one of those days where my hair just worked and I had to take a picture and share with you!

It's super easy so I know walking you through it combined with some pictures will do just fine. Plus, it's been rumored that all of your comments on my wedding pictures (thank you thank you thank you) have inspired me to prepare a biggie of video and recreate my wedding hair for you :) I did it myself that day and so many of you loved it I know you can pull it off, because it was super simple :)

What you need
- washed hair
- hairdryer of your choice (a diffuser if your hair usually needs it)
- either a girly headband with a bow, flower, or feather of your choice, or a simple headband works as well

What you do
- You can pull this look off whether you have curly, slightly wavy like mine, or straight. 
- Start by washing your hair like normal. Once you're done let it dry off in a towel for 5-10 minutes. 
- Unwrap your hair, separate out your bangs if you have any and lightly comb through your hair. 
- If you want to enhance your waves grab either a curl enhancing mouse or cream. *Don't use gel. Gelly waves are not so hot anymore ;) If you want to add texture to straighter hair, grab a good styling cream, like volume enhancing mouse or whatever you use normally. 
- For both hair types, flip your head over and scrunch the product in with your head flipped over. 
- Now, I swear this is the secret to best hair do's and for me it's part of my ritual so I swear by it, but, if you don't have time, skip over this next step and just keep styling, but at this point, I usually just leave it and go do my make up, letting the product work itself on my hair a little and letting it dry by air naturally for a little bit. I swear it makes all the difference to style your hair after it's had some time to dry naturally :). So, either try it and go do your nails for 15 minutes or put on your face. Or, if you don't have time keep going. 
- Ready? :) Next, just start blow drying your hair on low, whether you're rocking it curly or straighter. The messier you're drying the better. Flip your head over, flip it side ways..just be gentle with the scrunching. Don't rat out your hair, just gently cup your curls or locks in your hair. 
- Once your hair starts to get dryer, start working the shape, so keep your head up right more and work some volume into the crown of your head, still by scrunching and working your fingers through your hair. 
- Take a mini break, and if you have some curl spray or even hair spray, give yourself a quick spritz in the ends and crown/back of your hair. Then continue drying for just a couple more minutes working that spray into your hair to hold and really bring out your curls or texture. 
- Once you're done, work your bangs the way you want or let your front strands just fall where they are. If you don't have bangs you should just be styling your hair like normal the whole time**
- Fluff your hair and sort of place it till it looks good. 
- Take your headband, if you have a flower or embellishment, if should go on the side where your roots to your bangs are, so on the opposite side your bangs are on. (Look at my picture :P), holding your headband, just slide it gently into your hair so the band gets mostly hidden and your hair falls normal around it. 
- You can adjust volume with hair spray or give your curls one last good spray to keep your curls going throughout the day, and you're all set! :) 

I hope you enjoyed this week's mini tutorial! 
Stay tuned for some big up dos next week :)
(If you have a hair crisis for NYE and are dieing to try a certain do, shoot me an email and I'll whip up a tutorial or give you tips & tricks!  :D 

xo . jess 


  1. Ah this is how I wore my hair yesterday (minus the bangs since I don't have any)! Great minds think alike :)

  2. ohhhhkay, I love this one, because it's super easy. and I have bangs. and I've been scrunching the shit out of my hair and I've wondered why the curlyness falls out... over scrunching, duh.

  3. SO GLAD I can be of service to you dear. :D

  4. I could totally learn a thing or two from your "hair tuesday" series :). i'm a hair failure....it's actually one of my resolutions for the coming year: stop sucking at hairdos.

    Also....I just wanted to say that the comment you left on my blog today was maybe the best comment I've ever received. You are so sweet and I really and truly do appreciate that you take the time to read my blog.

    Thank you for making my day :). Hope yours was lovely as well!


  5. & love this. I am terrible when it comes to doing anything with my hair. You are totally showing me how to work it :) thank you lady

  6. You're so welcome Morgan!! :D Stay tuned, it will only get better :D