Saturday, December 04, 2010

Still Friday Blanks!!

apparently I'm still in the West Coast time zone to consider these to still be Friday blanks! :D

Holiday spirit 


The holidays are incomplete without our absolutely long ass red and white matching stockings made for the entire family by our beloved Nana. Blaring and singing Feliz Navidad with my siblings in the car like idiots. An advent calendar filled with chocolates. Family drama. Inappropriate holiday behavior. 

My favorite things to do around the holidays are eat cookies more than I do any other time of the year. Go sledding. I looove to sled. Watch Christmas movies. Listen to its music. Basically all the things you're supposed to do around the holidays. duh.

A holiday tradition my family and I have includes just my mom, my sister and me. Every year for Christmas my mom always buys Christmas panties, instead of Christmas jammies. I have no idea how or when it sort of started. One year we just saw the cutest pair of Victoria's Secret x-mas panties and my mom said "UUUH! Let's do x-mas panties instead of x-mas jammies this year!!!" And ever since, the gift we get to open on Christmas Eve is always our Christmas panties, that we then all wear under our pj's the next morning! 

Holiday music is the one thing that will always always always make me think of only my Nana, and not of Christmas music. 

This year, I'll be spending the holidays with my brandspankincutenew husband I got myself this year, and since we have moved back home to beautiful Colorado to do so we will also be sipping eggnog, eating big Christmas Eve dinner, and big fat yummy Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning with our family.

Holiday wish list: even though I am fully aware and genuinely content with the fact that my wish list this year is absolute wishful thinking, because after a wedding, and two big moves there is no budget for gifts or treats, it just doesn't exist. But I might have snuck a little letter to Santa in the mail and from him I wished 1) an ipad. (I wish myself onto a cozy couch, big cup of coffee, and my iPad already) 2) ... well shit. I can't think of anything else. :P I seriously cannot think if anything. I keep going "Oh I want..oh, no. I don't really need that." haha well .. It was a short list to Santa then. More like a sticky note. haha 

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