Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Come Early!!

There here! There here! There here!
I know Christmas isn't quite here (2 tage!) but I have been in the best Christmas mood today! I've just now ignored and passively accepted the fact that we will not be seeing any 
"White Christmases" 
this year, because I can still go to work without a jacket, here in lovely Colorado. And of COURSE I'm wearing my sunglasses everyday still. But I spent my morning jamming out to Christmas music, my commute around town for chores and cruising off to work blaring "Mele Kalikimaka" down I-25, and even singing "You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch" up the stairs of the parking garage..Santa apparently felt like giving me a little gift early by bringing me our
**  wedding photos **

I've been so happy all day, I couldn't wait to come home. And now, it's 2.01am. I have uploaded half of the 665 images to Facebook and have to be awake and functional for work again in the next 6 hours. 
I need sleep. 

But believe me when I say, that I'm stumbling off to bed with the biggest smile, excited to share with you my wedding pictures tomorrow, the second I get home from work. 
I promise. 

Did I mention I arrived home from work today at 12.23am? Oh no, I realize that it means I didn't get home from work until the very next day. 
I saw that. 

night kids. 

xo . jess


  1. so we got married october 2...and we still have not got our pictures back! bahhh! i wanted to make cute little gifts for our family for christmas...not happening! i cant wait for that moment. (and cant wait to swoon over yours!!!)

  2. Can I just tell you how much I loved that rather than saying 2 days, you said "2 tage"? Oh, how it made my heart smile. And, I loved that my head automatically translated it into English without a second thought. I haven't lost all of my German!

  3. Aw thaaanks!! :D I have been soooo impatient for mine! And I'm soooo upset that I was not able to make Christmas cards, because, wth, it's not like I can use a wedding photo THIS year!!! So, because I'm pouty .. I went to Shutterfly today and ordered New Year's cards with our picture :P

    I'm glad to know you're still 100% germanhearted :D Have a lovely Heilig Abend!