Friday, December 03, 2010


pronounced: [suh-preeze]

There are quite a few items on my "clear things up list" today and I am so excited to share them with you. I hope you like surprises and will forgive me for my serious absence this week via my blog and my Twitter..but since Tuesday night I was busy sitting my butt in my car driving home to my beautiful and beloved home in

For the past few weeks Nick and I have known that we would be coming home. We wanted to surprise our friends and family for the holidays and therefore only told a few people that we needed to :) Our journey in Michigan was a great experience filled with wonderful people, growth, and some amazing time alone. We wouldn't trade it and even though we weren't planning on being home so soon, how sad can we be to be back in this beautiful state we call home. It really is the best place on earth :) Seeing family yesterday was so uplifting and amazing and a bit surreal. I feel like everything has been one big dream but I am looking forward to getting our feet back on the ground, letting life settle around us after the wedding and such and just living. 

So many amazing things and events have happened in 2010 that honestly, I have no problem if for the next half year or so my life includes nothing but working, seeing friends and family regularly, getting healthy, and enjoying my newlywed self :) This year has been an adventure and if for the next x amount of months absolutely nothing happens, you will find me completely content on the other end. :) 

Now you know and I can stop feeling like I am going to explode keeping this a secret :D I know I also missed Hair Tuesday this week - I will make it all up to you, I pinky promise!!! I will play along with Lauren's blanks later on today - for now I've got to listen to my nagging husband whose waiting for my help to unpack and unload our things :) 

Have a happy Friday!!!!! Love, your ever happy always smiling self proclaimed Colorado native. 

xo . jess


  1. HAHA... YAY!!! Now I can finally tell people. Do you know how hard a secret that is to keep Jess???

  2. what a surprise! I'm glad you enjoyed your time in a new state, but there's really no place like home!