Friday, December 24, 2010

Heilig Abend

Not considering Christmas Eve as important and special as Christmas Day which is common for the US, is unthinkable to me. 
In Germany, Christmas is celebrated as big as Christmas Day is here, but Christmas Day is a little less celebrated, but still filled with Family, Friends, and Food. 
(The F words of Christmas :) )
So it's almost reverse of the Holidays here. But really, that's neither here nor there. All I'm trying to tell you is that today for me starts the beginning of the best two days of the year. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I bicker with my family, play pranks on each other, hold hands in the grocery store, tease each other, laugh with each other, probably cry with each other, cuddle with each other, and most importantly, 
love each other. 

It's pretty amazing. 
Plus, you've spent the last month trying to think of what you're gonna wear and you look adorable, yet no one cares that by the end of the day you're ripping off those amazing skinnies, dress, or skirt and jumping back into matching Christmas jammies with the whole family...
and then you keep eating. 

Again. Amazing. 
Tonight we are heading to N's grandma's house for annual Mexican food (weird Italians, right?) drinks, and laughs with my mini family posse in tow. Coming back to my mom's for 1 present opening, playing games till late and sneaking off to bed, to wake up to the mother of all German breakfasts (!!!) Christmas music, presents, and lounging..followed by semi formal Christmas brunch and the next gma's house, coffee and cake, tied up in the back with taking a drive across town towards Brighton, where we'll be putting on those cozy Christmas jammies, opening presents, drinking wine, and staying the night. It will be f.i.l.l.e.d. with family time and it will be wonderful. 

Can you tell we were without our families for Thanksgiving this year? 

From my wonderful growing family to yours, 


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