Monday, December 06, 2010

Sunday Funday

I know I'm suffering from posting add this morning. I've already published about three, but I'm catching up on reverb10 this morning! And since I'm closing tonight and have this lovely cold Monday morning to sit around, eat a yummy breakfast and watch Spongebob, why wouldn't I spend it blogging?


I almost decided to call it a day, when I realized that I just really wanted to share with you how wonderful my Sunday was yesterday. Who doesn't love having Sundays off?! It's my favorite thing about living in Germany, is that on Sunday, everything is closed and every one has off. How nice is that? can't make a quick candy run at the grocery store or only go shopping till noon, but always having off!? I'd trade that any day.

I started off the day with a matinĂ©e showing of Tangled which is absolutely hilarious and fun! The chameleon is my favorite and in real life I always think Mandy Moore's voice is kind of annoying, but as a princess she rocks! :) After the movie we traveled over to the mall :P where my dear friend J met up with us :) I have missed her dearly! She was my boss (which she hated when I called her that) before I left for Michigan and we became close and got so used to seeing each other every day at work..that it was so good to just wander around the mall with her, indulging in our weaknesses for pretty things and luxury things :) 

j & j 

After the mall, N and I made some progress on our place and headed to his mom's for yummy spaghetti for dinner!! It was delish and it was so good to see the rest of our family since we've been home :) I sure wouldn't mind having every Sunday from here on out. Ya right :P Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday. I know, .. it's Monday.. I said I hope alright! 

xo . jess

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