Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas Time is Here

I hope you're all enjoying a fabulous, beautiful December weekend. I always love the beginning of December, because everyone is starting to get into the Christmas spirit and are getting excited about lights, baked goods, and snow and is reminded of good things..there's not stress just yet about presents and dinners, .. everyone's just a little happier it seems like.  
Love it. 

The last two days being home has been so surreal, but yet so familiar. As if I never left, my daily life feels the same as if I never left it. N and I have loaded our "studio apartment" in my mom's basement with boxes with only a few straggler furniture and our bed which is completely set up. It almost looks like an organized episode of "Hoarders" but we're working on it a little every day, because we are excited to see what we have planned for our little space will look like once it's all set up. (Don't worry I'll definitely post pics!) 

Today was my first day at the new store (transferred back within the company). It is my first big box store so no more working in little F21's and it is definitely a big overwhelming without it every actually getting overwhelming. Once you sort of wrap your brain around how big the store is and how much stuff there is, it's still the same old stuff. Customers, straightening, and counting $. But I love the atmosphere of the store and the managers I've met so far are also great - especially since I know and recognize almost the entire team ;) and I think I might have a great time at this store! 

I have tomorrow of and have my Sunday Funday filled with lots of fun things that I will share with you tomorrow night. And since I know I'm going to want to dedicate a nice fat post to tomorrow' day - I have to shneak in my fun things from last night (Friday) to catch you up on a.l.l. my funt things from this weekend. ;D 
So here we go..last night was the annual Parade of Lights in Denver to which I haven't gone since I was a Junior in high school 6 years ago (holy crap I'm getting old!). So down to Denver we go, N & I, my mom, sister, and brother, and my mother's bffe Amy and her beautiful daughter B. :D We were fortunate enough to catch the warmer night of the two that the parade was going and we had a blast watching the floats and marching bands perform, drinking canteened Barefoot, and eating Hershey's kiss chocolates. 

the green twins.

the ever hilarious Meryl & Bev

my favorite two girls. 

my husband.

airkissing our airboyfriends.

my handsome smiley husband. 

these two..

my mama

i'm their biggest fans.

so adorable. 

hoping you're having the happiest of holidays. 
xo. jess