Monday, May 31, 2010

Chaos Times 23

I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day! It seems as if everyone and their mom was at the pool our out bbq'ing today, so I hope you didn't have to work and got to enjoy some rays wherever you were!

My life is in complete chaos. Or at least that's what it feelslike.
I had planned on my mom coming up today and helping me get completely settled in our new place - unpacking all the final boxes, rearranging furniture that was put in a temp place, and of course letting her go with her fantastic decorating skills (the woman should just realize that she should have been an interior decorator). Unfortunately, she is sick and couldn't make it up and even though I completely understand that doing all those things while feeling shitty is something I would have turned down as well, I was left in a complete frenzy. N had gone camping with his bf "Birry" :P which he had well deserved over the past couple months and especially after the past week (!) and it only took about 20 minutes for me to get completely overwhelmed with all the shit around the apartment.

I didn't know where to start. Everytime I felt I had unpacked a box it seemed as if another had popped up out of nowhere. My closet has one of those organizational systems and even though it's cool, where do I put my maxi dresses? Or any items of clothing that are longer!!? They clash with the hang bar that starts below them and then hang over the clothes below. Not cool. And definitely adding minor stresses creating a very grouchy, frantic, unpleasant Jessica.

Thankfully, I had my sweet roomate Bri come to my rescue; she came out about 5 seconds before I was going to break down in a crying fit amidst giant evil boxes, forced me into a bikini and dragged my sorry ass to the pool. The second I layed down in the chair I was thankful she had done that. Then about 5 minutes later I completely passed out in the sun.
It was beautiful. And I felt much better after.

I haven't completed everything today but fuck it. I'm done for today! I think I have a right to say fuck it and enjoy at least a few hours of my Memorial Day that I just happen to have off!
And so, N & Birry are fishing, Bri has a hot date (;) not really ) and I'm hopping my ass in the car, getting myself some chic fil a (YUM) and plopping down on the couch for a mani & movie.

Oh ya. And it's my birthday on Friday. I'm going to be 23. Yay :)

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