Friday, May 14, 2010

Fill in the Blanks

Wow, Friday again?? I'm sorry I've been so lame on blogging! I even had to skip my What I Love Now on Sunday because the evil cold from last week totally overtook me and I even missed 1.5 days of work because of it. And now it's Friday, my best friend Bri is finally coming home and I'm also graduating tonight!! Waaah! :D
Since I have the day off I told myself I MUST blog today before I have to run off get my hair done, upload my day's outfit to lookville, because I've also totally neglected that, and clean house before my big guest arrives! :)
So without further ado..let's thank Lauren for her amazing Friday series and thank her that she remembered to come up with some questions at 10:15pm last night so that we can play an amazing round of
1. The very best thing about summer is riding my cruiser bike around town with N at 8:30 for late late afternoon ice cream trips; everyone and their mom are out and about downtown Fort Collins, it's hot even though it's almost 9pm and it's summer!

2. My first crush ever was Alex Gsoedl :) Oh man I was a sucker for that kid. The only blond guy I have ever been attracted to. Maybe he scarred me for life and I can't like blond guys anymore :P But we had an intense 6th & 7th grade love, let me tell you. :P I think we broke up about 7 times..and then realized we were madly in love with each other after all when I found out I was moving to the US. He took care of a few of my firsts..first kiss, first real kiss too :P first dance, holding hands :) all the innocent gushy stuff! It's weird..I've picked up contact with a lot of our old friends from back then, including his 2 best friends..but not him.

3. This may sound silly but I'm one of those people that does not care at all if my bra matches my underwear. Polka dot blue on white bra with floral panties? SURE! Whatever I pull out gets put on. I didn't even know that some people consider it a sin to do this!? My mother MUST be matching! If she has to change her bra for a certain shirt she MUST change her underwear so that it matches :P Are any of you like this? Or is she really just a freak like I tell her.

4. I squeeze my toothpaste completely random, never close the cap, and it drives N crazy :).

5. My absolute favorite comfort food is fast food. Anything bad for you. And yes that includes Mc Donalds. :( I should be ashamed I know.

6. A random fact about me is that even though I think I have cute feet I am one of those people where the second toe is longer than my first :) BUT I used to look in catalogues like Victoria's Secret and those models all have that :) I was very self conscious about it when I was a teen. But now - whatever :P And N totally loves my feet. Idk why. He's not a foot fetish person, but he has this thing about hands and feet.

7. The one piece of technology that truly makes my life better is my HP Pavillion laptop. I have never loved a laptop so much. And without it I couldn't stay in touch with any of my family and friends that are scattered around the globe, I couldn't blog, and I would become very lonely and cut off from the world if it ever broke (knock on wood).

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  1. I had McDonald's yesterday it was so great lol