Sunday, May 09, 2010

Countdown to Graduation

I hope you're all having a fabulous Mother's Day! Mine's pretty good..except that I'm spending it on the couch at my mother's house. I woke up with a really high fever and gave in and went to a small clinic at Walgreens to make sure I didn't have strep throat..everything should be ok, but my fever was at 102 and so they wrote me sick from work for the day, which isn't all that fun when you're well, sick. 

So what better to do but to blog when you're sick? :D The adorable miss J at Classy in Philadelphia posted the cutest post today about her freshman year experiences. It's her countdown to her graduation day this coming Thursday! Congratulations girl, I'm right there with you on Friday night at 7:30pm! And so she has inspired me to post about not my freshman year, but the best semester of my senior year. 
Overall, there was always something that happened each year. 
The first year, I hated the school I chose, University of Colorado at Boulder. Booh that school. 
The second year, I transfered to Colorado State University, Go Rams :P and I spent the entire year lost. I was in love with my best friend, and instead of trying to make new friends I got to dependent on N and after Christmas break he broke up with me :( The following 6 months were difficult for the both of us in many ways, but love prevailed and by October we decided we didn't want to be without the other and started over. 
Junior year my nana became very sick, was in the ICU for a month and every day we had to hold our breath because we didn't know if she would survive the day. During that time I flew back and forth between Oregon and Colorado because every time we thought she would pull through she would get worse. And even though she passed it was for the better and she can now be happy with the love of her life up in heaven :). 
But because life always bounces back from a low, we're on to the best semester, with the best friends, and the best bar nights that I'll never forget (soo cheesy I know - but it's true!)
In October, Nick and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary and the fact that we were happier than ever. Everyone thought we'd come back engaged :) But that didn't happen until a year after that ;) We spent 3 days in the mountains, sleeping in, ordering room service breakfast in bed, got our first couples massage, and walked to the little crepe cart every day downtown Breckenridge :). It was amazing. 
This was our homecoming game - it was misting all day and it was freeeeeezing! My sister in law J on the left, me, my sister D, and my mom didn't care, it was a blast! I can't even remember if we won or not. I'm pretty sure we didn't :) We never did! :P 
Then of course there's the days when it's super hot during football games and we get to pregame all day long! Me, my best friend's sister, my bffs Bri & Britt :D
 The last football game with this crazy amazing group. 
 Following homecoming was the funnest Halloween ever :D The boys were amazing in these costumes. We went to our favorite bar called Washington's. 
I had to include this picture because you can see the infamous drinks that caused many infamous nights :) the blue one in N's hand is called Adios Motherfucker - the strongest drink I have ever tasted. I hardly ever got that one. I liked the Long Island Icetea instead in my hand :) Seriously, that's ALL any of us ever ordered. 
  I love this picture!! Every Thursday night we would start off at Sully's where they had Beavers. What is a Beaver you ask? Every kind of hard liquor mixed in this delightful pitcher with as many straws as you like, once it's served everyone grabs a straw and DRINKS! :) After Sully's we'd get a ride to Washington's where the boys would just get more drunk with those blue drinks :) and Bri and I would dance off our buzz and be in charge of finding a way for us all to get home.
I love this picture of my friend R and I. He always makes me laugh till I have tears streaming down my face. 
Ok love, I know you're reading this all - we look sooo young! Look how short your hair is and how long mine :) aaaaand our yummy sex on the beach right next to us :) 
 I know I've talked about my spring break trip to Miami many of times on here, but since it happened that year I have to include it :)
 Bri and I on St. Patrick's Day during our Miami trip. 

Aaaahhh - I can't believe it's all ending and that all those memories were already a year ago. Now I'm getting married and starting my life as a newlywed. It's amazing how much things change within 1 year, let alone in 5. But at least I'll always have endless folders of pictures and memories in my heart to help me remember the good ol' times and remind me of what great friends I have. 




  1. Sooo many good memories love :) Whenever I am sad I always think about our bar nights, miami and even lazy nights watching tv... miss you <3

  2. Best college recap post ever. What a blast!!! :-)

  3. Sounds like A LOT of fun times :)
    Love the Teletubbies Halloween outfits!