Monday, May 17, 2010

Mssunshine gets her sunshine back

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend - I cannot image it was any better than mine, because I have not had such a great weekend in a very long time.

I have no idea what I was so weird about or maybe just a bit nervous, about graduation..but I am so happy that I let my amazing fiance talk me into walking this spring semester. Even though I have to complete 2 more summer classes, since my school does not have a summer comencement, the only time for me to walk/graduate was on Friday, in the spring comencement.

You know when something happens or is happening to you that you're kind of embarassed or uncomfortable discussing with other people about, just for you to find out that the same has happened, or is happening to them, and you feel so much better?

That was me. Friday night. Realizing that I was silly to consider not walking, because 3 other girls (there are only 8 in my college this graduating semester ;) - we're a tight bunch) have to do the same thing; take some online classes this summer.

Walking/graduating was amazing.  
Saturday I had to work, which despite the fact that it was a Saturday, was actually fun! I got the opening shift, which is my favorite, because I love having the afternoon/night free, but I just love good work days, when you're having fun with your management team, yet getting work done and having a great sales day...that was Saturday. Quite amazing.

leaving work at 5pm I felt totally like running, and since my amazing work out buddy aka best friend bri is back in town I knew she'd be up for it when I got home.

Running we went and I know this is going to sound weird, but I'm such a runner. I feel so incredibly relaxed after I run, even if for only 30 minutes; my head cleares, I feel better about myself, and I love the feeling of your muscles already tightening and getting sore after you've gotten out of shape.  
Bri and I toasted the night with some yummy chicken stir fry and a red box rental of the movie Coco before Chanel.
it was SUCH a fantastic movie! I must see if you don't mind subtitles. Audrey Tatou is simply stunning as Gabrielle or Coco :)
It was amazing having Bri back that waking up Sunday morning and realizing that one of my dearest and best friends has moved closer to me, and that I had the entire day free to spend it with her, was such a happy feeling, my heart felt warm all day ♥
My family means the world to me. But I love what Bri always says about families. That you have your family that supports you no matter what, but then you have that family that you alone chose for yourself. And that is your family created by a collection of some of the most special people in your life that were brought to you by fate, destiny, or sheer coincidence. And they will always be there for you, grow with you, and learn with you.
So ms Bri and I got up this morning, got ready and caught the last matinee of Letters to Juliet, which was surprisingly touching, funny, and cheesy all at the same time :). I'm not being sarcastic about the touching part, because I had big toddler tears streaming down my face in completely simple, yet romantic scenes throughout the entire movie.
Amanda Seyfriend is always quickly becoming one of my fav's..she has the biggest eyes and the best crying face :)
I definitely recommend it!

After the movie we caught some pizza at N's work and headed home to finish another movie we had rented from the red box Saturday night. We obviously needed the relaxation, because we did not feel bad one bit for being lazy on the couch with blankies while it was a nice sunny day outside.

We weren't total bums however..once The Hurt Locker was over we stretched and quickly got up to change for a good afternoon run, before we completely melted to the couch, and felt good and proud of ourselves afterward. I'm telling you, this girl will have me in shape for my wedding in no time! :) And of course for pool/bikini season! :D

I hope you all had fantastic weekends. For once, it's off to work for me tomorrow - usually Mondays are my day off. But don't worry. I've got my helmet all ready and shined for tomorrow.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! It sounds like you had a truly fabulous weekend, and that's wonderful. :-)