Sunday, May 23, 2010

Robert Downey yum yum

After a very lazy, yet somewhat productive Sunday off, Bri and I decided that our time would be much better spent sitting in comfy oversized chairs..sipping on cokes with our hands in popcorn bowls while we let ourselves be entertained by the new Iron Man 2 than at home, packing for this week's move ( I should say tomorrow's!! :P) 

I don't know how else to say this but 
Robert Downy Jr. is SO DAMN HOT!!!!!!
Sorry for yelling. And the bold and underlining. But I can't HELP IT! And I don't care that the man could be my father..I would be more than happy to take my clothes off for the man, anytime. 
Sorry again, for the vulgarity. But DAMN! 

With his clothes. 

Without his clothes.

With shades. 

Without shades. 

In a black tank. 

In a fucking racing suit. 


Hold on. 

Sorry. I had to catch my breath there. 

I apologize. I usually do not get this bothered and then post pictures of a person all over my blog. But I think we all have that one celebrity, person, character, hero that we lose it over a little bit. In fact, I am SURE that there are far more crazier obsessed people..woman my age who've done worse. 

And so I must say, 
Taylor Lautner. Sorry buddy. 
I just remembered I have a bigger weak spot than you. 
And his name is 
Robert Downy Jr.