Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Ad-Libs

Your Favorite...

My favorite fashionista AccessoriesDiva has the cutest idea to keep Mondays fun and fresh! She's asking to know your favorite item in your closet. So play along if you'd like! 

My favorite item right now

My new Urban Outfitters tote that I scored on sale over the weekend while working the F21 Job Fair downtown Denver. 
I saw it from across the store and literally ran across the store. It probably would have been physically impossible for me to have left without. 
It's the prettiest rich navy and crips fresh cream color. And it's super comfortable! I can't wait to make good use of this, this summer!! 


  1. Fantastic ms sunshine! I can't lie.... I want that bag!

  2. I am in love with this bag! Jealous!

  3. that is a lovely tote! I love the first picture though! lol

  4. Thank you ladies!! The Ad-libs series is by the fabulous ms AccessoriesDiva, but the bag is mine!! I have to say, I am very proud to own this bag. :-) It's fantastic!