Friday, May 07, 2010

Colds Are Evil

I just thought you all wanted to know how excited I am for Lauren's Fill in the Blanks tomorrow!! I have been excited for every series that I love to participate in! So much, that I realized myself that I haven't come out with the What I Love Now edition of May! So get ready ladies and gents, mark it on your calendar! This coming Sunday, which just so happens to also be Mother's Day, will be this month's edition of What I Love Now.
For now..I feel I must catch you up on some things. Even though today was like my Monday, because I work for the next 4 days and had the beginning of this week off, doesn't mean my "weekend" was all that nice to me. Actually, it sort of decided to be pretty bitchy and besides a great Monday-running-errnands-peroozing-through-thrift-stores, it didn't feel like letting me relax in the least.

I must say that I had a pretty great, positive, happy Monday to which I want to dedicate a post to, because it was such a great day it deserves it's own post, so look for it on my wedding blog tomorrow!

Quick catch up - you know how we had decided that we were utterly in love with Fort Collins and would sacrifice the commute for my job to keep our fixer-upper home below the foothills and start lots of baby making here. Well, turns out N's mother, the owner of the house that she bought for N his sophomore year from which we were going to buy the home) decided to go ahead and sell the house anyway, is giving us now less than 28 to be out, AND decided to sell our washer and dryer along with the house!!! SO - once again we are homeless, and this time really really homeless, unless we figure something out within the ...ohhh..22 days we have left.


Moving on.

Sort of...

We have quickly figured out 3 options so far that all fell through this week, which then resulted in me having a complete melt down last night, after I had gotten some hope and positivity back, and had to emergency call my cousin and best friend Katie. She is the best listener in the world. She's not totally silent, to where you have to ask yourself if the other person is even still on the phone, but she's also not a talker to the point where they have completely taken over the conversation and you're now talking about them and not you anymore. Of course it didn't take longer than 10 minutes for Katie to make me laugh again, and by the time we ended the conversation I stayed happy for a whole 5 minutes after, until Nick walked in the door, he asked "Hey, you ok? Look like you've been crying. Was los schatz?" and tears started shooting out of the corner of my eyes in perfect halfmoons.
Good thing Nick knows exactly how to proceed from here:
1. Gently guide me to a soft spot to sit down in and wrap me up in his arms
2. Whisper the words: "aww schatz"
3. Wait for me to stop crying then nestle his head between my shoulders and tickle me
4. Tell me what he's going to do to relinquish whatever problem is occuring
5. Ok?
6. ok...
7. Kiss me on the forehead.
I would like to dress like this. everyday. I already wear my hair like that everyday :)

Today was decent. It started off grand. The first half of work was fun and good until I started feeling really funky, nausea, chills..and I thought maybe I was hungry.
By the time I left work, I had no voice, chestpains, hard time swallowing and a fever :(
My sister-in-law has been horribly sick all week, decided not to take any medicine and now succeeded to get me sick. And I am totally miserable. However, so are the people around me, because I get suuuuuper whiny when I don't feel well. I started this blog kinda late, and now I'm super tired and am having a hard time finishing it.

So! Let's make it a quick finish to the end by having me tell you that once again I work a full day tomorrow, but however, I will be making up Sunday Mother's day with my lovely mamacita early, because I must work this Sunday, and I am taking her to dinner!
I am reeeally craving some sushi..but of course it's the lady's pick :)
Love you mom ♥

Happy Friday people

Happy Friday

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