Sunday, April 08, 2012

Mein Oster Sonntag.

It is now 9:30pm and I am still feeling completely sun soaked after today's beautiful Easter Sunday weather!! Therefore, since it is still Sunday... happy easter  friends !!! It was pretty ridiculous how beautiful, lazy, and fun this day was and now I'm home plopped on the couch while N is studying. Tomorrow, which marks my 3rd day weekend :))) (triple smiley) I get to have my mommy come visit me in the afternoon...and so basically --> I could simply not be a happier girl tonight. 

before I take my uberhappy self and shut up, I have to share these hilarious, typical, great afternoon snapshots of my italiano in-laws :) I'm telling you, one great day! 

how else do we start the day, but with a car shot? 


3 photogenic little ladies! 

 80 degree weather, cigars, and bocce ball. 

 the favorite past time of any italian man, no matter what age :)

italian invasion.

 my shadowstache. 

 my cute husband :))

us German girls, sticking together and gettin' a tan ;)

 butts + bocce maddness

the bocce boys. 

okay, I'll stop with the bocce comments and sneak in this speedy 18th birthday we threw in for the day :)
happy birthday Max!

way to go Trey, but please take a look at my mother in law. no, she has not recently been on a cruise or warm vacation of any sort. it's simply Colorado's sun kiss. It is freaking April (!) barely  - this is nuts. 

regardless, Easter was great and from the looks of this basket living on my kitchen table, very very wonderful! 

xo . jess


  1. Sweet! It was sunny where I live for Easter too but very windy so we couldn't ply petanque after lunch like we wanted (it's kinda like Bocce!) :)

    1. Cool! It's my favorite thing about Easter with my in-laws - bocce ball :)

  2. can i just say that you look really good in that red color?
    i was so glad for the sun on easter. this weather has been pretty amazing. and it's insane how much happier it makes me.