Monday, April 23, 2012

Quarter Candles Part 1

If all my weekends could be this fun, with all of my friends and family filled with it all the would be very very sweet. But on the flip side, their rarity make such weekends that much more enjoyable. I know I've tweeted enough about "thanks friends & family..." in the last 36 hours so sorry for the repetition, faithful followers. But really, :) > thank you <

In 4 days, the last of my 4weekendsoffinApril will already be here and the week is cruising along without a break  n = school, me = work, oli = busy chasing lights at home. But to complain, I cannot... :)
I do get Wednesday off again, after which I might have some closet organizational how to's or fails..however the day share with you over here. Exciting stuff!

Although the post-birthday-bbq-after-party downtown with our dearest friends, produced a meager but decent 8 phone camera snapshots for which you'll have to stay tuned for Quarter Candles Part 2 - the unrated edition which will post here in a day or so :)

For now, let me give it a rest for the night and go interrupt N and his video game. :] hihi and leave you with these weekend favorites of mine. I found a new photo editor via good ol' google today. hollaaaaa!

 Love sharing my name with these three, very cool, Longos :]

 For the family members of mine reading this, ..yes that would in fact be the 14 year old edition of mrtyler.

 Never up to any good.

 happy birthday mr N.

Pictures say more than a thousand words when it comes to these three fools. 

the tylers. 

I wish you guys a great start to the week! Who told May to show up so fast? 
xo . jess

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