Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sunny Snapshots

Good Morning! very early morning on this wonderful hump day. Today will most likely be our last -hot- day before the weekend rolls in with rain and thunderstorm. Not that there's anything bad to say about leaving your screen door open to let in the smell of rain and sound of thunder :) Nevertheless, they still scare the crap out of me and being alone during one is not so great.

Although I'm over it now...sorta :) ... I was expecting to have today off and had it planned full with errands, chores at home, and taking care of some serious blogging business. But then as I went to tuck myself into bed last night a little after midnight, I got a little surprise message saying I was working today. Crap!!
Try going to sleep after that frustration kicks in. not fun :/

BUT..worst things have happened and I'm sure I'll survive :) and so to get myself through the rest of the week and to celebrate today's beautiful Colorado weather...I'll share these with you.

snapshots from a lazy sunny afternoon


Happy Hump Day!
xo . jess 

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