Tuesday, March 06, 2012

few words + two pictures.

Although I had planned for March to be filled with Hair.Toosday tutorials (does my procrastination/slackerness ever get old?) I was in a serious need of some snip snip and so today, I took care of just that. Because I'm on a serious mission to grow my hair long + healthy and every girl knows the serious struggle that comes with finding a new hairdresser, I trusted my dear friend Hannah with the job. Which makes the fact that it was sort of a mini road trip to get to her all the way in Littleton, more than well worth it :) but now I just miss her + Ryan even more. Looking forward to getting together with them very soon! 

pre-haircut..yucky ends!! but yay for car rides. ( everybody chill. we were parked. )

Got a front row seat on the long way home to the storm coming in [fast] over the foothills, Flatirons, and Horsetooth. Sooo cool to watch. Bye-bye 70 degree weather... hello wind + snow! 
Tomorrow I saw hello work week and look forward to reading all of your exciting weekend posts to get me through it until Tuesday! :-) Enjoy Hump Day tomorrow !! ( why they call Wednesday that I would love to know myself )

xo . jess


  1. i always wish for your hair, jess.

  2. Another Fort Collins blogger, this is so exciting!!! Hope all is well and can't wait to see more, just added your site to check it all out :)