Sunday, April 15, 2012

birthday weekend - take one.

It has been a pretty fantastic Sunday not to mention yet another great weekend! That's two for April! All in all it has been a perfectly lazy fundaySunday, we got back home late this afternoon, took care of some cleaning and retired very lazily to our ghetto couch for the remainder of the day.
As a little disclaimer, it was a snapshot images kind of a weekend. I forgot my good camera, everywhere we went. That'll teach me to pack it neatly in the trunk of my car.

Nevertheless, Friday started off pretty ridiculously..(is that proper English?) with a 9 hour work training in Denver which served up a very enjoyable total of 4 hours rush hour traffic. For the tweeps among you, you will know this, however this pizza is just too deliciouslooking ( <-- now that's some proper English) not to share twice. N insisted we treat ourselves to Uncle's Pizza, the absolute best pizza in Fort Collins and most likely all of Colorado actually, and that's exactly what we did. YUM! 

I wore my favorite long sleeved light pink blouse, since the weather was a bit crummy with rain and wind, and finally got to wear my electric blue pants! I was very much in love with them.  

This was my friend about 2 hours into the surprise party for mysisterinlawsboyfriendsbirthday Trey..thank you mama-in-law for mixing me this incredible Bloody Mary :) again..too good not to share. 

The only other picture I managed to snap all afternoon and night. After family, friends, and Mary's we split up and N and I went back to his parents' where we of course enjoyed too much wine and a delicious pasta dinner my mama just happened to whip up. 
I loove being married into an Italian family :))

Come fundaySunday...

What a face to wake up to :) 

It's always more fun to lounge away a Sunday in your boyfriend's clothes. 

Ready to head back home. 

Let the first birthday celebration weekend commence! Next week it will be N's turn.
Which means I've got a busy week ahead of me :) It feel so good to be 
able to see family so often :) it's definitely been a treat. 
Wishing you all a great start to the week, 

xo . jess 

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