Wednesday, April 18, 2012

birthdays and ooh babies!

I have to throw a giant serious disclaimer up in here, for you will find some honest, from the heart, fashionobsession a few lines down...sooo don't judge me. i warned you. <-- 

Tuesday was errands day. And blogging about it now feels like a week ago although it's not that I am complaining of lack of days off - if anything it's the complete opposite. I have been one lucky girl having every weekend off this month, something I have never had and I am loving it. This weekend finally brings some friendspartycelebration time for N's big 25th birthdaay this coming Saturday. But that's neither here nor there, point was that because my weekends have been so great and fun filled, my weeks feel so short and time just keeps wizzing by and I have noo idea how it's already mid April. wtf! Soo back to errands day --> Tuesday =  yesterday! Everyone all caught up?...started as an ordinary day. 

N did his morning obligation of getting up first and making the coffee - just right - followed by me upholding my end of making breakfast. if and when he can get me to get up out of bed of course. in my defense - me "getting my butt out of bed" is still usually always by 8:15. i think that's pretty good for a day off. The mr did have afternoon class so we parted ways midday .. I of course made a stop at plato's and couldn't resist a peak into tj maxx. 

the purses in the entrance are usually my weakness .. but past couple trips I've done pretty good. i've come to realize i'm a picky bitch when it comes to my purse. I used to just buy them for looks but hated it if they were "impractical" or inconvenient to wear, too small, too big, etc. and so in my last year of serious budget cutting in the financial dept I had plenty of time to create the perfect wishlist for my next baby. again, in my defense, you have to understand - I usually loathe all types of "baby" name calling, however when it comes to my purse(s)...they are my babies :P 

through the doors and two aisles into the handbag section, my eyes caught sight of it. the purse that fit all of my wishlist criteria. among cross shoulder, zipper detail, easy access, it's even decorated with gromets and tassles. love at first absolutely exists in fashion (and in life but please, not another tangent for this girl) and 
this purse + me = puppy loveee. 

I said this was an honest post so I can't leave out the fact that I always squeezed a tear when the price tag was well within my budget. double birthdays here this week, because this was all I wanted for my 25th. it was a day of treats for sure and the search well worth it.  

perfection. or better yet, hollaaa. 

It's just too beautiful not to photograph more than once.

Found at: TJ Maxx
By: Urban Expressions 

One of my new pieces from h&m. crazy color difference although my new favorite top - it's really the color like in the left image.

I finally sat myself down and completed a mani to go with the pedi, so I had to share! I still in love with this color play trend. nailpolish from Forever21 love&beauty "camel", and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "Mint Sorbet". 

As the week continues to cruise on by I of course wish you a great and happy Thursday! My little award thanks to Jess sent me all kinds of love from you all so thank you. 
I knew I was missing somethin' :)

xo . jess 


  1. Love that purse! And the lining is adorable! (o;

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