Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm starting you off with a little disclaimer tonight, because over the last few months I have built up some serious writer's block and am here to tell you that I am having the hardest time breaking through it. So if my posts are a little out of whack here and there...just bare with me :) it's all good. I'll find my groove. I have no doubt fun things to share with you. Apparently I'm just a little rusty. 

N and I killed away the afternoon playing couch potatoes after full days of work + school for us. I am so looking forward to the weekend and every single weekend to come in April, because I have them all off which hasn't happened since.. my wedding and it's going to be (and has been already!) filled with family times, birthdays, Denver adventures, and a big fat shopping trip to H&M this coming Saturday. April, you're gonna be a good one. 

And since this week I'm keeping busy with catching up on my cleaning, sunshine walks, work, and exercise time..I decided that I'm going to just catch you up on a few things this evening. you're bursting with excitement, I know. 

Here are my few things:
#1. N and I moved {back} to Fort Collins - we are loving it here and haven't had things go this smoothly for us in a while. It's a nice change, to say the least. 
#2. While N went back to finish school, I have taken a next step in my retail/management career - one that definitely has positively surprised the crap out of me. Happy happy me! 
#3. I managed to lose 15lbs. I don't really like to share those things but I'm really proud of it so there. I'm now working on whipping my butt into shape a little bit for my 25th birthday this year. ... <-- that last bit there might qualify as #4. 
#5. My new playlist is repeat playing Mumford & Sons, Foster the People + The Black Keys. 
#6. I don't think my Pinterest will last through the month...I just can't get that..interested ;) - but seriously, Lauren couldn't have said it better today. It's a cool site, but it stresses me out! In truth, I will never do anything with all those pictures, recipes, diy's..and I don't spend all my time browsing the web to find them to even pin them in the first place. Buh - bye Pinterest account. 
#7. The last book I really read was a rerun through the Hunger Games' Trilogy which threw me on such a weird emotional roller coaster I wasted away about 4 library books. None of which I really remember. (And yes, I'm totally fishing for recommendations.)
#8. I have developed a full blown addiction to The Walking Dead. It's bad. Fall can't come soon enough. Well, maybe. ;)

I think those are enough things for tonight. I'm happy, life's good, no I'm not having babies and my hate for Facebook gets worse each day :P 
2 days til the weekend! Woohoooo :) 

xo . jess

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  1. You should check out "Divergent" by Veronica's very Hunger Games-esque, and possibly even better! Seriously, it's awesome and the 2nd book comes out next month!!